(Original air date: Tuesday, June 4th, 2013)

Former Victoria's Secret Model Kylie Bisutti
Winner of the 2009 Victoria's Secret Model Search competition (and Cristina's niece), Kylie Bisutti shares why she gave up her dream of being a high-fashion model. As she details in her new book, "I'm No Angel," Kylie's big break came with a hefty moral price tag, leaving Kylie with a difficult choice of abandoning her dream in order to live a life more in line with her Christian beliefs. Today, Kylie also opens up on the negative side of modeling, including the unhealthy body images often portrayed in the fashion industry.

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"Sandlot" star Patrick Renna

From "The Sandlot," actor Patrick Renna
Twenty years ago, the boys in "The Sandlot" took us over the fence and into movie history. Today, Mark & Cristina welcome Patrick Renna, better known as Hamilton 'Ham' Porter, to share his thoughts on the iconic coming of age movie. Plus, Patrick reveals the motivation and magic behind one of "The Sandlot's" most memorable characters, "the beast." And later, Patrick sticks around for a very special round of The "Home & Family" Home Run Derby!
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Cristina Cooks - Strawberry Shortcake
Making today's cooking segment a family affair, niece Kylie and daughter Arianna roll up their sleeves and help Cristina with a summer dessert favorite. Grabbing some fresh strawberries, today Cristina shares a simple recipe for strawberry shortcake! And, just like always, Cristina offers her own unique tips to make sure you get the perfect shortcake!

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Billy Monahan & Hunter
From the Search Dog Foundation, Fire Captain Billy Monahan and his award-winning search & rescue dog Hunter join "Home & Family" today. Hunter, who was a rescue dog himself, has been recognized for his work in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Japan and Haiti. Today, Billy demonstrates some of the training that goes into developing a successful service dog. And later, Hunter shows why serach dogs are so vital when he performs an impromptu search for Cristina.

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Martial Arts Tricker Travis Wong

Martial Arts Tricking with Travis Wong
Travis Wong's martial arts work has been seen in movies and commercials around the world and he is the first credited martial arts 'tricker' in motion picture history. Today, Travis, along with his Jam Team, demonstrate the high flying art of martial arts tricking: a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, and breakdancing. With no mats or spotting, Travis and the Jam Team show why tricking is one of the most intense and entertaining sports in the world!

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Dr. Karen Halligan's Dog Nook

Creating a Pet Nook in your Home
Showing us how to make a pet nook for our favorite four-legged friends, is renowned veterinarian and author Dr. Karen Halligan! Today, Dr. Halligan shows some of the simple things we can do to create a special place for our pets. Plus, Dr. Halligan offers some simple tips to make your pet nook a calming and soothing place for your pet.

Mark's DIY Wooden Tea Light Holder
Today, Mark shows how to make one of the more popular crafts floating up on Pinterest boards. Popular in stores everywhere, wooden tea light holders can add a simple and elegant touch to any home. Mark shows how easy it is to create your own wooden tea light holder in just a few easy steps.

Dr. Lawrence Piro
Oncologist and internist Dr. Lawrence Piro shares important information about prostate cancer. Today, Dr. Piro discusses a new prostate cancer testing procedure that analyzes your genes to determine if a tumor is likely to become an aggressive cancer. As Dr. Piro explains, these new testing procedures are at the forefront of personalized medicine and allow doctors to consider family history, race, and other unique factors before determining a treatment plan.
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