(Original air date: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013)
Samantha Harris

TV Personality Samantha Harris
Samantha Harris joins "Home & Family" today! The seasoned entertainment news journalist and two-time Emmy-nominated TV personality talks with Mark and Cristina about staying fit with a busy schedule. Samantha also leads a "Home & Family" workout session to help Mark and Cristina sculpt rock-hard abs.

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Magician Murray SawChuck
Las Vegas magician extraordinaire Murray SawChuck is back on the show today! Murray first leaves Mark and Cristina gobsmacked with some of his new illusions and sleights of hand. Murray also opens up about his road to magical stardom, before handing over the stage to another family member and magical prot é g é , who demonstrates her mastery of Murray's magical feats.

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Cristina Cooks - Strawberry Pie & No-Heat Strawber

Cristina Cooks - Strawberry Pie & No-Heat Jam
Today, Cristina shares a special recipe using one of the quintessential fruits of summer! In grocery stores around the country, ruby red strawberries are popping up by the basketful. With that in mind, Cristina shares two popular strawberry recipes, strawberry pie and strawberry jam. And while both recipes are simple, Cristina's no-heat strawberry jam recipe is a cool and welcome way to enjoy this berry favorite! And, make sure you visit us on Pinterest for more great recipes and crafts.

The Junk Girls

"The Junk Girl," Jenny Kompolt
Mark & Cristina welcome Jenny Kompolt, a former corporate executive who left her busy and stressful life to pursue her passion as a full time artist. Jenny, who turns found and recycled objects into gorgeous works of art, explains how her art serves as a therapeutic treatment for anxiety and depression. Jenny's art is beyond unique and represents a passion for finding beauty in unwanted things.

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"Home & Family's" Ask the Experts: Stress Reduction Panel
Helping you learn to relieve stress are today's panel of experts, registered dietitian Rachel Beller, yoga & somatic instructor Hala Khouri, and clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis. The panel discusses many of the common root causes of stress and offers simple steps to help reduce your own stress levels. Plus, our stress reduction experts offer tips on great foods that will help keep you stress-free all day long!

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Dr. Ben Michaelis, PhD.

Hala Khouri, Yoga Expert

Rachel Beller, M.S, R.D., Founder, Beller Nutritional Institute

Eye Makeup Done Right
Celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern stops by to share tips on getting limitless looks with one Revlon palette! Using Revlon's new PhotoReady Primer and Shadow + Sparkle, Molly shows how to create unique and memorable looks for any skin tone. Molly also demonstrates how some simple tricks can give you the hottest looks in beauty.

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The Urban Nature Man

The Urban Nature Man, Matt Jaeger
The Urban Nature Man, Matt Jaeger, stops by to share a recipe directly from the "Home & Family" yard. On his blog, Matt, who grew up in rural Wisconsin, shares his adventures reconnecting to the natural world while still holding onto his urban lifestyle. Today, Matt gives some great "Urban Nature Man" tips before sharing a recipe for buckwheat pancakes in elderberry sauce.

Ken Wingard - DIY Vintage Cake Stand

Ken Wingard - DIY Vintage Cake Stand
Lifestyle expert Ken Wingard shares another simple and beautiful craft today. Ken spent the weekend scouring Goodwill stores gathering pieces for today's vintage cake stand craft. Perfect for casual or formal dinner parties, Ken's cake stands are a great way to add style and function to your food presentation.