(Original air date: Friday, June 28th, 2013)
Interview with Brooke White

Actress & Musician Brooke White
From the Hallmark Channel Original Movie " Banner 4th of July," actress Brooke White stops by today! The "American Idol" alum shares how a chance run-in with Randy Jackson gave her career a second wind. Plus, Brooke chats about her budding movie career and shares a clip of her first Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Banner 4th of July." And later, Brooke and her bandmates from "The Banner Project" perform their big hit, "Sun Up Sun Down."

The "Banner 4th of July" s oundtrack is now available .

Actress & Supermodel Angie Everhart
Actress and supermodel Angie Everhart talks with Mark & Cristina about a serious topic today. Angie discusses her recent thyroid cancer diagnosis and opens up on the physical and emotional battle to beat her cancer. Angie also discusses the importance of a powerful support network and offers important information for anyone fighting cancer.

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Cristina Cooks - Pulled Chicken
Cristina shares an alternative recipe for your barbecue favorite. From, Cristina demonstrates how to prepare Pulled Chicken Sandwiches. Cristina also shows us how to incorporate a wonderful Peach Salsa to help bring out the flavor of the chicken. for more great recipe ideas!

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Raising SAT Scores with Shaan Patal
Every year, millions of students take the SAT and among them, about 2,000 achieve a perfect score. Today, Mark & Cristina welcome Shaan Patal, who not only earned a perfect SAT score, but also developed a system to teach others how to do the same. Shaan shares some of his SAT prep tips and also some common myths about the exam. and

H&F Wedding Series - Wedding Bands

The "Home & Family" Wedding Series
Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Ashley Weston stops by to help Gabi & Charlie pick out the most important piece of jewelry they'll ever own! Today, Ashley explains some of the key factors to consider when buying a wedding band, including style and your personal lifestyle needs. And, courtesy of our friends at Simon G., Ashley presents Gabi & Charlie with a very special gift!

You can see more beautiful bridal bands at Simon G.'s website, Gabi and Charlie celebrated their special "Home and Family" wedding on Friday, July 5th!

The Palpitating Panthers Jump Rope Team
Today, Mark & Cristina welcome the fancy footwork and athleticism of the The Palpitating Panthers jump rope team. The Panthers combine old fashioned jump roping with gymnastics and dance elements, resulting in intricate and high impact performance routines. Members of the team perform before getting Mark and Cristina in on the fun!
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Summer Sports Safety with Dr. Kristin Willeumier
Director of Research & Nutrition at the Amen Clinics, Dr. Kristen Willeumier offers some important information on summer sports safety. Dr. Willeumier explains some of the unique challenges that summer activities can present and offers tips on staying safe in the heat.

Shirley Bovshow - Inverted Strawberry Patch

Shirley Bovshow
Garden designer and family member Shirley Bovshow is back today, demonstrating how to create supports for our tomatoes. Shirley shows a simple way to create posts to help promote the growth of tomato plants. Plus, Shirley shows us how to create a unique planter perfect for growing an inverted strawberry patch!

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Mark's DIY Boy's Lampshade
Mark's back in the garage with his highly anticipated DIY Boy's Lampshade project. Today, Mark shows us how to create a custom lamp to go with any number of themes for a boy's bedroom. Plus, as Mark explains, this project can also be adapted for a girl's themed room as well!