Dee Wallace
"E.T." phones "Home & Family!" To celebrate the film's 30th anniversary, actress Dee Wallace recalls her first impression of the script. She also tells us that a young Drew Barrymore befriended the lifelike E.T. puppet on the set. Then, Dee gets personal, tearfully sharing how she moved on from her husband's passing.
Dee's book on spirituality, "Bright Light," is available in stores and at The actress will be also be appearing at the New Earth Expo in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 16th. Information can be found at

Fabio Viviani's Apple Cake with Grappa
Fabio Viviani bakes a heavenly apple cake with grappa fit for the Pope! The chef shares an embarrassing childhood story of his encounter with Pope John Paul II. For more information on the chef and to subscribe to his newsletter, "Fabio's Kitchen Academy," go to

Holiday Gifts for Men

Holiday Gifts for Men
'Tis the season of giving. Kym Douglas knows it can be difficult for women to shop for the opposite sex, so she is here today to help build your holiday shopping list with male-centric gifts. All for under $100, you can stuff the stocking of your tech-savvy guy with a portable electric razor that charges in a USB port or text-friendly gloves or a radiation-blocking computer sleeve. Alternatively, your man can unwrap a gag gift, such as bacon or pizza printed scarves or an ugly holiday sweater illustrating the song "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." Happy shopping! $29.99
2. Bacon & Pizza Scarves, $15.99
3. Fivepoint Gloves, $64
4. Ugly Holiday Sweater, $38.99
5. Safe Sleeve,, $89.99

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Prostate Cancer Prevention with Dr. Francisco Contreras
In observance of Movember, Dr. Francisco Contreras visits "Home & Family" to raise awareness about prostate cancer. As the second most common cancer amongst the male population, it is important to get screened annually beginning at the age of 40. Also, take responsibility for your health by paying attention to symptoms and reducing your risk. Dr. Contreras explains how exposure to estrogen in food can cause prostate cancer. As a preventative measure, taste the rainbow by eating colorful foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise daily.

Kellie Martin

Kellie Martin
Actress Kellie Martin shares warm, fuzzy stories of filming her Hallmark Channel Original Movie "The Christmas Ornament" on location in Vancouver with her family in tow. She elaborates on the film's story and gushes about falling in love on screen with Cameron Mathison's character. Plus, Kellie discusses her passion for baking and classic wooden toys.
Hallmark Channel Original Movie "The Christmas Ornament" premieres Saturday, November 16 at 8/7c. Please visit Kellie's toy store at

Holiday Braids & Buns with Mitch Stone
Celebrity hairstylist Mitch Stone showcases intricate hairdos to step it up a notch at holiday parties. From a braided low bun to a reverse French braid to a top knot bun with braids, these volumnizing and texturized styles will earn you plenty of compliments. And, we roll time lapse video to show the entire process of twisting a fishtail braid that wraps around into an updo.
Braid Wrap Around Updo:
1. Divide two sections of hair evenly.
2. Braid or Fishtail for more elaborate look, fasten braid. 3. Wrap one braid over top of head to opposite side. 4. Repeat same process to other braid, opposite side. 5. Pin end of braid to side of hair. 6. Repeat same on opposite side. 7. Finished look should appear as a half circle braid wrapped around head. Check out Mitch Stone at and on Twitter @MitchStoneHair. Also be sure to visit hairstylist Anna Lyles at

Winter Gardening Tips

Shirley Bovshow Plants Winter Garden
Shirley Bovshow steps into the garden to plant kale, which is designed to thrive in temperatures dipping down as low as 15 ° F . She and Cristina discuss the health benefits of kale. Then, Shirley explains how to tell if the kale is mature enough to harvest after a month of growing. and follow her on Twitter @FoodieGardeners. We'd also like to thank

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Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools
Debbie Matenopoulos brings fun gadgets into the kitchen to help as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast. Ranging from reusable and leak-proof turkey brining bags to a special turkey baster, these items will make life easier than ever. To mulitask and bake everything at once, this 3-tier oven rack fits next to the turkey. Debbie also highlights two gizmos for pie baking.
2. Chef'n Herb Wand, $14.95 (on sale for $9.95) at
3. No Spill Gravy Separator, $24.95-$29.95 at
4. Prepara Roasting Laurel, $24.95 at
5. Three Tiered Oven Rack, $22 at
6. Pie Bird, $4.95 at
7. Ruffled Silicone Pie Crust Shield, $9.95 at

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