The Sopranos' Steve Schirripa

The Sopranos' Steve Schirripa
Actor and producer Steve Schirripa joins the family today. We all recognize Steve from his 7 years on "The Sopranos," but today, Steve puts on his dad hat and talks about his new book " Big Daddy’s Rules." In the book, Steve shares personal stories of his "over-the-top parenting style." Plus, Steve shares a clip from his hysterical new family movie " Nicky Deuce," premiering on Nickelodeon, Monday May 27th!

Get news, tour dates and more from Steve Schirripa at his website:

Steve’s book “Big Daddy’s Rules” is available now and you can see “ Nicky Deuce” on Monday, May 27th at 8pm/7 central on Nickelodeon!

The First Annual 'Home & Family' Signature Italian Pasta Sauce Invitational!
It's time to start your burners as Cristina and "The Toolbelt Diva," Norma Vally, face off in the First Annual Home & Family Signature Italian Pasta Sauce Invitational! In 5 minutes Cristina and Norma slice, sauté, and blend their favorite ingredients together to create their own beautiful pasta sauces. And, standing in as our guest celebrity judge is none other than Steve Schirripa.

Common Kitchen Clogs with Norma Vally

Common Kitchen Clogs with Norma Vally
"The Toolbelt Diva," Norma Vally, gets down to work in the kitchen, showing how to fix some common kitchen clogs. From gunk in the garbage disposal to a slow running drain, Norma has some simple tips that will save you money and frustration! Plus, Norma debunks some very common kitchen myths that may be causing your sink and appliances more harm than good.

Living with Cystic Fibrosis

Living with Cystic Fibrosis
Today Mark & Cristina welcome an inspirational young woman who is a true testament to overcoming adversity. 16-year-old Claire Wineland has battled the genetic condition, Cystic Fibrosis, for her entire life. While Claire's condition requires 24-hour maintenance, she herself refuses to see it as a burden and instead works to support and inspire others. Today Claire shares her remarkable story, including a harrowing "event" that left her in a coma for 17 days!

For more information about Claire and living with cystic fibrosis, go to her website:

Cristina Crafts DIY Pearl & Ribbon Jewelry
Cristina and new family member Claire Wineland head into the crafting room to show how to make DIY Pearl & Ribbon Jewelry. For just about $10 each, Cristina's DIY Pearl & Ribbon crafts are a simple and elegant accesory that anyone can make.

Late in Life Modeling
Most people think of runway models as being in their teens and twenty's, but Cindy Joseph broke the mold when she was discovered at 49! Today Cindy shares how she went from make-up artist to Dolce & Gabbana model! Cindy also shares how the experience has served as an inspiration for mature women around the world!

To read Cindy’s column and to order Boom! cosmetics, visit

CrossFit training with Dan Wells
CrossFit is the hot new fitness trend that's sweeping the nation. Today, CrossFit trainer Dan Wells stops by for a quick CrossFit demonstration and to prove that anyone of any age can participate. And, proving they're game for anything, Mark & Cristina break out the workout gear and hit the pavement for a Home & Family CrossFit workout!

The Home & Family Wedding Series-Photography

The Home & Family Wedding Series
Gabi & Charlie are back for another installment of The Home & Family Wedding Series. Today Gabi & Charlie get some great advice from Mark on choosing the perfect photographer. From equipment specs to asking the proper questions, Mark takes our wedding couple through the do's and don'ts of picking a wedding photographer! Plus, Mark & Cristina have a very special surprise for Gabi & Charlie!
What key 3 questions should a couple as a photographer they are considering hiring to take wedding photos for them?
1. Ask if they have back-up cameras.
2. Check their references. 3. See real examples of their work. Exciting news! Gabi (bride-to-be) and Charlie (groom-to-be) are being whisked away to Hawaii for their honeymoon, all courtesy of FunJet Vacations!

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The Home & Family Vegetable Garden-Finishing Touch

The Home & Family Vegetable Garden
Today Garden designer Shirley Bovshow puts the finishing touches on the Home & Family Vegetable Garden. Now that all the veggies are in the ground, Shirley and the crew install a protective barrier to keep out the neighborhood critters.
Shirley's Tips
Fence should stand at least 18 inches above ground.
Dig fence least 6 inches down into the ground to stop burrowing. If rabbits can still fit through fencing slats, install chicken wire in between to reinforce. Consider making the fence yourself to save money. And you can get m ore gardening tips and info from Shirley Bovshow by visitng her at her website and on twitter @foodiegardeners.