Raphael Sbarge
As a young child, actor Raphael Sbarge enjoyed sunny days on "Sesame Street" before heading to the Great White Way as a teenager, working with talent such as Frank Langella. Recently, he could be seen as Jiminy Cricket on "Once Upon a Time." Raphael fills us in on the premise of the new show he's starring in, "Murder in the First." He explains the series' storytelling concept and what it's like shooting exterior shots in San Francisco. Then, Raphael discusses his involvement in a non-profit organization called Green Wish and his work with Ed Begley Jr. as a producer and director of "On Begley Street."
"Murder in the First" premieres June 9 at 10/9c on TNT.

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Saber Tooth Cat

Roar! From The Page Museum, Brian Meredith, supervisor of performing arts, and Eli Socoloff Presser, technical coordinator/puppeteer, educate us on some extinct animal species. They introduce us to Nibbles, an Ice Age saber kitten, and Callie, an Ice Age saber cat, which is the Official California State fossil. Learn how these expert puppeteers bring the costume to life. And, find out about all the summer childrens' programs hosted at museums nationwide this summer, such as hunting for bones, learning how to fly a jet, racing frogs, and so much more. and the Los Angeles Natural History Museum at

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake

Cristina Cooks Red, White, & Blue Cheesecake
Mark Hagen, managing editor of "Taste of Home," Skypes with Cristina to share a recipe submitted by Connie Lafond of Troy, NY. Perfect for Memorial Day and July 4th, this red, white, and blue cheesecake will make your guests proud of the USA. Its berry flavor is good all summer long, not just on holidays. Cristina explains how to achieve a velvety texture and make a flaky crust and why she likes to add orange, lemon, or lime zest for extra zing.

David Henrie

Actor and director David Henrie finally unzips his lips on one of the longest kept secrets in Hollywood. The "How I Met Your Mother" star filmed his finale scenes nine years ago at age 15 and has been keeping the series' conclusion a secret ever since. David does have a way with words though, telling us how he came to write for "The Wizards of Waverly Place." Now, he is passionate about a heartwarming father-son film he directed called "Catch." "Catch" will be available for purchase and download beginning June 5. For more information, go to and check out our Twitter page @homeandfamilytv for a special message from David. Follow him on Twitter @davidhenrie #catchfathersdaymovement.

Extraordinary Uses for Deodorant with Kym Douglas

A recent "Reader's Digest" article about alternate uses for deodorant caught the attention Kym Douglas. Today, she gives us a whiff of some practical tips to prevent blisters, pull up skinny jeans, prevent chafing, prevent sweat, and heal zits and bug bites. Plus, deodorant can even be used to fix squeaky hinges.

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Curing Chronic Pain with Vicky Vlachonis

Pain expert Vicki Vlachonis, MSc Ost. spells out ways to treat and overcome chronic pain at home in her book "The Body Doesn't Lie." She's treated such patients as Sir Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name a couple. She explains the benefit of feeling pain and why it's essential to listen to the signals your body is giving you. Pain can be connected to not just physical, but emotional stressors in your life. Vicky elaborates on her three step program- reflect, release, and radiate. She also describes how to brush our skin each morning and emerse our bodies in a relaxing epsom salt bath each night. Plus, learn why you should eliminate sugar from your diet. You can lean more about Vicky's 3 Step Program to ending chronic pain in her new book, "The Body Doesn't Lie," available at Check out our Facebook page to see Vicky demonstrate the 5 Tibetan Poses to help you complete your morning ritual at

DIY Window Spray with Tanya Memme

DIY Window Spray with Tanya Memme
Tanya Memme teaches us the simplest way to get our windows crystal clear without lifting a finger! She demonstrates how the robotic WINBOT cleans panes of glass. Then, she teaches us the old fashioned manual method of cleaning streak-free windows like a professional using the "s" technique with a squeege.
WINBOT by Ecovacs Robotics is available at,, and on Twitter @ecovacsrobotics. It's also for sale at and

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Debbie Matenopoulos' Pregnancy Must-Haves

Glowing mom-to-be Debbie Matenopoulos is very excited about her baby-on-the-way and is sharing some of the best products she's discovered during her pregnancy so far. Find out how you can listen to your baby's heartbeat whenever you want and how you can play music for your fetus. Plus, get comfortable in compression tights and a lumbar support belt and cozy up with a snuggly full-body pillow. Products:
AngelSounds Fetal Doppler, available online, $29.99
Boppy Total Body Pillow,, $54.99
Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System,, $69.95-$129.95
Jobst Maternity Stockings,, $37.40
Deluxe Maternity Support Belt,, $34.95

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DIY Faux Finish Tabletop

DIY Faux Finish Tabletop with Mark & Cristina
In the next stage of the "Home & Family" dining room makeover, Mark and Cristina put a faux finish on the table to coordinate with the picture frames. Mark warns that you should dedicate an entire weekend to this project to allow each layer of paint to completely dry in order to achieve the desired wood grain appearance with a sepia tone. He also suggests experimenting with a little trial and error on sample wood to perfect your technique first. and follow "Home & Family" on Twitter @homeandfamilytv and Facebook. Plus, check out our YouTube channel for backstage videos.