Wendi McLendon-Covey
"The Goldbergs" actress Wendi McLendon-Covey tells us all about basing her character Beverly on the real Goldberg family matriarch. Like her show that is set in the 80s, Wendi shares a throwback photo of her own prom. Cristina, Mark, and Kym are also game to show personal photos from that decade as well. Plus, we take a look back on Wendi's previous visit to "Home & Family," when she accidentally cut her finger during a cooking segment.
"The Goldbergs" airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Tyler Perry's "The Single Mom's Club" is currently in theaters.

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Chic Spring Cleaning with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas has tips to tidy up your bathroom and closet as part of your annual spring cleaning routine. She shows us ways to get our scrunchies, bobby pins, boots, purses, nail polish, and more organized to perfection. TicTac Box Bobby Pin Holder:
• Pop top off TicTac box.
• Insert bobby pins all facing down. • Replace top of TicTac box. DIY Q-Tip Dispenser:
• Take a clean jam jar and place cotton balls at the bottom.
• Insert an empty votive candle holder. • Place Q-Tips with one end in the empty votive candle holder. Get additional tips from lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas at Follow her on Twitter @KymDouglas and like her on Facebook.

Grilled Fish Sandwich with Chef Jet Tila

Chef Jet Tila Cooks Grilled Fish Sandwich with Red Onion Fennel Salad and Chipotle Crema
Nothing fishy going on here! Chef Jet Tila teaches us how to choose the freshest fish in the store by checking its eyes and texture. Then, he grills a fish sandwich with a side of chipotle. Plus, Jet lets us in on a secret so we can cook our own restaurant quality fish at home.
• If buying whole fish, check the eyes. The eyes should be bright, shiny, and full; cloudy (or milky) sunken eyes are dead giveaways the fish has been sitting around too long. • Take a look at the skin and scales: the fresher the fish, the brighter and more metallic the skin. The skin should not be dull, even in patches. • Touch the fish. The fish should be nice and firm, springing back from your touch (it should not be soft or squishy). • Make sure the gills are clean and a bright red. As a fish ages, its gills will dull and start to turn brown (slimy gills are a sure sign the fish is starting to go bad). • If you're buying steaks or fillets, check to make sure the flesh is bright and firm, not dull and soft. Check the structure (or grain) of the flesh, to make sure it's smooth and intact, not broken or flaky. And be sure the flesh feels -- and smells -- clean; the flesh may be moist, but any moisture should be clear (not cloudy) and the flesh should never feel slimy. We'd like to thank Passmore Ranch for the fish.

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Parent Infant Bonding with Dr JJ Levenstein

Parent-Child Bonding with Dr. JJ Levenstein
Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP explains the instant bond formed between moms and newborns due to the hormone oxytocin. She discusses just how important the "golden hour" is for parents to have skin-to-skin contact with their baby. Dr. Levenstein also educates us on why mothers should consider requesting a "gentle" c-section before undergoing the procedure. Plus, the doctor explains that babies recognize their parent's voices from inside the womb.
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Flavored Extracts with Sophie Uliano

DIY Flavored Extracts with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano has a low cost, high quality recipe for DIY vanilla extract made with vegetable glycerine and vanilla bean pods. She explains how to properly store the flavored extract and just how long a lifespan glycerine or alcohol-based extracts can have.
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Orly Shani

Orly Shani discusses her new role as co-host of E!'s "Fabulist." She describes the program as a "trend forecasting show" and credits the researchers for spotting what's current and predicting the next best thing in food, beauty, travel, fitness, and so much more. Orly explains how she and co-host Kristin Cavallari don't always see eye-to-eye on each and every topic, but the audience will learn from their debated viewponits. She also explains how viewers can interact via social media and shares the rule of thumb for dressing your own body in flattering clothing. "The Fabulist" airs Mondays at 8:30/7:30c on E!

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Chicken Paillards With Cherry Sauce & Parsley Rice

"Taste of Home" Chicken Paillard, Cherry Sauce, & Parsley Rice
Lisa Speer from Palm Beach, FL jazzes up chicken paillard. She joins "Home & Family" via Skype to share the recipe she got published in "Taste of Home." Today, Cristina pounds the chicken cutlets flat. Once cooked, she pours cherry sauce on top and adds a bed of parsley flavored rice.

DIY Chain Ribbon Necklaces with Jessie Jane

Chain necklaces can be found in fancy, high end stores, but Jessie Jane is here to demonstrate just how simple it is to make this ourselves. After cutting your chain to your desired length, Jessie strings ribbon through the loops to create a stylish fashion accessory. This trend can also be used a belt or purse strap. and Facebook.

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