Atticus Shaffer
Actor Atticus Shaffer explains why "The Middle" almost never made it to TV. Years before its first airing, Atticus filmed the original pilot with an entirely different cast that included Ricki Lake as his mom. Eventually, he was approached for a second pilot for the series as we know it today. You'll want Atticus around if you're ever in an emergency or stuck in traffic. The former Boy Scout prides himself in being a "prepper," always having a backpack full of supplies and snacks at the ready.
"The Middle" airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Cristina Cooks Deep, Dark Chocolate Stout Cake

Cristina Cooks Deep, Dark Chocolate Stout Cake
Chocaholics rejoice! With a little help from Atticus, Cristina makes a deep, dark chocolate stout cake. She explains the ideal placement in the oven for it to be baked to perfection. Then, Atticus pours ganache on top to make it extra chocolatey.
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De-Stress for Less with Kym Douglas

Who needs the spa when you can create a zen sactuary of your own? Kym Douglas is here with fabulous products to help you de-stress in the comfort of your own home. She features an aromatherapy shower head with vitamin C, an orchid mask, and a golf ball massage. Plus, she showcases a soothing tea and delectable chocolates. Follow her on Twitter @KymDouglas and like her on Facebook.

Dr Kristi Funk Advocates for Mammographies

Dr. Kristi Funk, MD
Breast cancer surgeon and Pink Lotus Breast Center founder Dr. Kristi Funk, MD brings evidence to contradict a Canadian study claiming it's not neccessary to get mammograms annually. She explains why she believes it is essential for women to continue getting this test done yearly to detect suspicious growths that can go un-noticed otherwise. Dr. Funk also spreads the word on Get in Touch Foundation, which teaches school age girls how to conduct a self-breast exam.
For more info on Dr. Funk and fighting breast cancer, go to her website at and visit Dr. Kristi Funk is being honored at The Get In Touch Foundation's "Pretty In Pink Luncheon and Women of Strength Awards," hosted by Rob Lowe, this Sunday, March 16 in Santa Monica, CA. For ticket and donor information, visit

Jo Frost's Toddler Rules

Global parenting expert and author Jo Frost describes the three types of temper tantrums often displayed by toddlers. She explains how parents and caretakers can identify and resolve such misbehavior and how to avoid young children from acting out in the first place. Jo has also joined an United Nations campaign aimed at getting children vaccinated for life-threatening diseases. When she arrives back home in the UK, Jo is excited to host a new daytime talk show of her own! "Jo Frost's Toddler Rules" is available now wherever books are sold. Follow Jo on Twitter @Jo_Frost and visit her page at

New Beauty Products from the Natural Products Expo

Just back from the Natural Products Expo, Sophie Uliano has tons of exciting new products to share. At the conference, Sophie took note of three distinct trends for 2014. She noticed a lot of beauty companies are giving back in a charitable way to causes such as helping women in Uganda and victims of human trafficking. Sophie also found a lot of cosmetics that use coconut water as an ingredient. Products:
• Make beauty purchases that help women in Uganda

• 100% biodegradable skin care products are available

• Moisturize your skin with coconut milk hand body lotion wipes,

• You can improve dental health with oral pulling rinse and neem chew sticks,

• Eyedoll Chatter beauty kits are great for first time makeup users,

For more from natural lifestyle expert Sophie Uliano go to: Website:
Twitter: @sophieuliano

Magee's Kitchen Corned Beef

Magee's Kitchen Corned Beef
Magee's Kitchen has a storied history at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles. To this day, hungry patrons are willing to wait in line for their famous corned beef sandwich. What is the rage all about? Manager Dwayne Call of Magee's Kitchen shares their process of brining and pickling the corned beef. Then, master carver Jose Ruiz jumps in to show us how to properly slice the meat.

Spring Allergy Season Dos & Don'ts

If you're a chronic allergy sufferer, Debbie Matenopoulos has some relief for you. Come springtime, pollen is everywhere. Spare yourself the incessant sneezing and get rid of constant sniffles by following Debbie's tips to reduce pollen exposure. And, she explains that a diet high in Omega 3 fatty acids reduces allergies. Of course, you can also opt to get allergy shots to help eliminate symptoms. As an alternate or in addition to other methods, Debbie introduces a product called Nasacort.

Follow TV host and personality Debbie Matenopoulos on Twitter @IAmDebbieM. Her first cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me" will be available in stores on April 28.

DIY Crayon Egg Candles with Tanya Memme

DIY Crayon Egg Candles with Tanya Memme
Tanya Memme has an egg-celent craft today that your kids will love. She creates egg-shaped candles using the shell of real eggs. First, she carefully removes the yolk by poking a hole in the shell using a nail. Once empty, she fills it with melted crayons. When it's dry, she cracks the shell off, leaving you a colorful egg ready to be lit!
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