Celebrity Magician Murray Sawchuck
Celebrity magician Murray Sawchuck is back with more of his amazing feats of prestidigitation. Today Murray gives Mark & Cristina a close up view of his amazing tricks, courtesy of a few props from his Las Vegas show. And, Murray gets the audience involved for some of his more astounding illusions!

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Actor Sean Patrick Flanery

From "Dexter," actor Sean Patrick Flanery
Actor Sean Patrick Flanery joins Mark & Cristina today, reminiscing about his 25 years in entertainment. Sean looks back on his career, sharing memories of working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Jack Lemmon and Christopher Walken. And Later, Sean chats about his current role as Jacob Elroy on the hit series "Dexter," and gives a sneak peek at what to expect from the final season! And later, Sean talks about his passion for martial arts and even gets a special magic lesson from family member Murray Sawchuck.

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World Renowned Chef Cat Cora

Iron Chef Cat Cora
Internationally renowned chef and first female "Iron Chef," Cat Cora returns to the Home & Family today! With Cristina serving as "chairwoman" for today, Cat channels her Greek roots and demonstrates how to prepare Greek Tuna Tataki Sliced in Lettuce Gyros. Plus, Cat helps turn the Home & Family kitchen into a special version of "Kitchen Stadium" when she teams up for a special Home & Family "Appetizer Wars."

Tracy Metro's Kitchen Cleanup Tips

Tracy Metro's Kitchen Cleanup Tips
So, the meal has finished and now it's time to wash the dishes! While it's no one's favorite part of dinner, today Tracy Metro shares simple clean up tips to get the job done in no time! From emptying the dishwasher to the proper pre-soak technique, Tracy shows you the easiest ways to get through the after dinner mess. and on twitter @tracymetro.

Owen McKibbin's Rack Workout
Inventor of the Rack Workout, Owen McKibbin puts Mark & Cristina through their paces today! Owen's Rack Workout has is hugely popular among celebrities like Zac Efron, and is perfect for anyone without a trainer or time to hit the gym everyday. Owen's Rack Workout delivers a high impact workout on one simple machine, all in the comfort of your home.

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Mark's DIY Potter's Bench
Today Mark makes Cristina a special workspace so she can comfortable maintain the Home & Family Garden! Using materials that were literally lying around the backyard, Mark & Cristina make a beautiful DIY potter's bench! Mark's bench has tons of great storage and is perfectly suited for working in the garden!

EVERLOOP Co-Founder Hilary DeCesare

Children's Online Privacy
Sharing important information about children's online privacy is the co-founder of, Hilary DeCesare. Today Hilary explains COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Act and how it affects you and your family. Enacted in 2000, COPPA limits the ability of websites to offer services to children twelve and under without explicit parental permission. Hilary explains the implications of the law for parents and kids and also demonstrates useful resources that parents can use to better protect their children in the digital world. for more great tools to help keep your kids safe online.