"Jersey Boys" John Lloyd Young & Erich Bergen
They sure know how to "Walk Like a Man!" Actors/singers John Lloyd Young and Erich Bergen star as Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio, respectively, in the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical "Jersey Boys." They explain why it took so long to leap from stage to screen, even though Hollywood was initially eager to convert it into a movie. The men also tell us what is was like working with director Clint Eastwood and the real members of The Four Seasons.
"Jersey Boys" is playing in theaters nationwide! Check the film out at #JerseyBoys

Taste of Home Peach-Rosemary Cobbler

Cristina Cooks "Taste of Home" Peach-Rosemary Cobbler
"Taste of Home" managing editor Mark Hagen joins us via Skype to share a recipe Michael Cohen of Los Angeles, CA submitted to the American Summer issue of the magazine. He explains that peaches have been popular amongst their readers for a long time. Plus, readers also enjoy using fresh rosemary grown in their home gardens. Before getting started, Mark warns Cristina to be careful not to over-mix the topping. Then, she adds cinnamon and lemon for additional flavor. And, learn the secret to assemble all the layers, finishing off with the cobbler on top. Also, find out what you can look forward to in the July edition of "Taste of Home," which features a tribute to American iconic backyard favorites.

Health Benefits of Gold with Kym Douglas

Gold is the latest buzzword in beauty, but in reality, it dates all the way to Cleopatra. Kym Douglas has the Midas Touch, explaining how gold clothing creates a flattering reflection. Then, she introduces us to liquid gold to achieve timeless beauty like in ancient Egypt. These cosmetics offer toxin-free skincare with anti-aging properties that results in glowing skin, further accentuating a sun kissed tan. Diamonds may get ousted by gold as a girl's best friend! Products:
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Fire Chief Jose Torres

Fire Chief Jose Torres
Division Fire Chief Jose Torres of the Santa Monica Fire Department educates us on the top fire hazards in new homes. He explains that new structures use a different kind of wood and contain petroleum based products that burn hotter and faster than older materials. Chief Torres also details which materials pose the greatest risk of combusting and exploding, leaving you very little time to escape. Then, he discusses kitchen fire prevention and teaches a fire extinguisher 101 tutorial.
Fire Safety Tips:
1. Never wash plastic Tupperware in your dishwasher.
2. Never run your dishwasher at night. 3. Always unplug toaster when not in use. 4. Look for any wear and tear on the plastic casing of your coffeemaker. Fire Prevention Solutions:
1. Know where your fire extinguisher is.
2. Maintain your kitchen appliances. 3. Install residential sprinkler systems. Learn more at and

Teo Halm

"Earth to Echo" actor Teo Halm responds to the film's comparison to "The Goonies" and "E.T," while also exposing the original storyline. Plus, find out how the young star was unsuspectingly discovered on a soccer field. Teo takes us behind the scenes of the movie's remarkable CGI animation and explains what it was like to pretend to hold Echo in his hands. Next, we surprise Teo with video game technology that manipulates his animated clone into performing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance. "Earth to Echo" hits theaters nationwide on July 2.

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Melea Johnson

Money saving expert Melea Johnson shares inexpensive ways to keep kids busy all summer long. Children can knock pins down at the bowling alley for free. As an incentive to encourage reading when school is out of session, Barnes and Noble has to program rewarding kids with a free book after they've shown proof to have read a certain number of books. Hit the roller rink for no money at all. And, stay cool in the movie theater for as little as 50 cents. Links:

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DIY Bunting & DIY Wooden American Flag with Ken Wingard

Ken Wingard is in a Betsy Ross kind of mood today. He shows us how to festoon the house with patriotic fabric for July 4th. Then, Ken builds and hangs a painted wooden American flag. Later, he also suggests making a star spangled wreath for the front door. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Summer Clothes for Women of All Shapes & Sizes

Debbie Matenopoulos has invited fashion designer Veronica M. to put on a fashion show with the latest summer clothing trends. These styles are wrinkle-free, so they're perfect to pack in luggage for your summer vacation. Veronica also discusses how the tops provide support and what makes the line so figure-flattering for all shapes, sizes, and heights. Outfits:
Dana Tyne, model wearing, Halter Top in BUFF, $62 and Palazzo Pants in ALICE $82
Sofija Stojkovic, model wearing Drop Waist Maxi in CIRCLES $115 Rene Waniolek, model wearing Cropped Pant in OTHELLO $78 and Cami in Navy $60 Lucy Thompson, model wearing Drop Waist With Straps Maxi in MARIEL $115 Shop for these styles and more at and on Twitter @veronicamstyle.

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4th of July Block Party Recipes

4th of July Block Party
Invite all your friends, family, and neighbors over for a block party this Independence Day. Host the ultimate bash by serving delicious lobster rolls and crispy grilled corn with sun-dried tomato butter. And, make cleanup easy when the party winds down by serving everything on disposable tableware from Chinet. and follow "Home & Family" on Twitter @homeandfamilytv and Facebook. Plus, check out our YouTube channel for backstage videos.