Il Volo Performs

Il Volo
Italian vocal trio Il Volo (Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble, and Ignazio Boschetto) take the stage to perform three covers: U2's "Beautiful Day," West Side Story's "Maria," and Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," all from their album "We Are Love: Special Edition," available now. They talk about their valuable experience working with Barbra Streisand and the words of wisdom Placido Domingo shared with them to stay humble and study.

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Maz Jobrani
Actor and comedian Maz Jobrani performs his stand-up routine, touching on such topics as parenthood and ethnic diversity. Later, Maz joins Cristina in the kitchen to make a traditional Persian dish called Kookoo Sabzi.

iTunes and his comedy concert DVD "I Come in Peace" will be released this fall. For more with Maz, visit and follow him on Twitter @MazJobrani.

Cristina and Il Volo Cook Ravioli

Cristina Cooks Ravioli with Wonton Skins
Il Volo brings their Italian flair to the kitchen when Cristina shows them how to handmake raviolis from scratch. She tops the dish with fresh basil leaves and suggests Rao's Sauce, if you choose to use a jarred sauce rather than homemade.

Pool Safety with Lenny Krayzelburg

Pool Safety with Lenny Krayzelburg
Four-time Olympic gold medal swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg dives in to the serious topic of pool safety. Children are at a high risk for drowning, so he believes it is imperative to enroll kids in swimming lessons with a professional. He's worked with infants as young as 2-3 months, starting with a water safety foundation of floating on their backs. Several tots and parents demonstrate how they teach babies to hold their breath underwater. Contrary to popular belief, Lenny actually frowns upon the use of floaties because he thinks they give a false sense of security.

Important Statistics:

  • Drowning is the leading cause of death in infants ages 1-4.
  • 60-90% of drownings occur in the backyard pool or spa.
  • Three children die every day from drowning.
  • For every drowning, there are four times as many near-drowning incidents resulting in neurological damage.
  • Swimming helps improve coordination and balance in babies.

To learn more about the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy, go to and Lessons run from $17-24 per class.

Flight Attendant Round Table

Flight Attendant Round Table
Veteran flight attendants Sara Keagle, Patti Broughton, and Bobby Laurie have clocked plenty of sky miles and offer insight into air travel. They assure passengers that they've all undergone extensive self-defense training, but still suggest that all travelers remain vigilant about their surroundings and listen to their gut feelings. The flight attendants also discuss the legislation to allow knives on planes, long flight delays on the tarmac, and overcoming a fear of flying. Plus, they teach proper "jettiquette," such as listening to announcements to turn off electronics. Watch the video above to hear Bobby tell a hilarious story about a drunken teddy bear on a flight.
Before your next trip, visit Patti Broughton (flight attendant for 30 years and blogger) and Bobby Laurie (flight attendant for 8 years and travel correspondent) at Also, pick up a copy of Sara Keagle's (flight attendant for 20 years and author) book, "The Flight Attendant Survival Guide," and check out

Packing Picnic Baskets with Kris Schoels

Packing Picnic Baskets with Kris Schoels
Lifestyle expert Kris Schoels shares ideas on packing the perfect picnic basket for different occasions. If you're bringing the kids along, put their meals and toys in a bucket, so it can double as entertainment after they've eaten. For a girls' night or a date, Kris got a luxury dessert basket from Target. To make a picnic guy-friendly, get a waterproof bag, sold at Target, that also serves as a cooler for your cook-out. Also, bring along a compact grill from to impress your man will hamburgers. And, make individual s'mores kits as an added touch.

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