Matt Leinart

Professional Football Player Matt Leinart
Former USC quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart joins Home & Family today! Matt, whose also played for three NFL teams, talks with Mark and Cristina about his work off the field. Shortly after being drafted, Matt started the Matt Leinart foundation, an organization that provides numerous opportunities for underprivileged youth. Today Matt talks about the work of the foundation, including the Urban Youth Football League, a full-contact football league and life skills program for inner city youth.

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Interview with Hollywood Exes star Mayte Garcia

From “Hollywood Exes,” Mayte Garcia
From VH1’s new reality series “Hollywood Exes,” belly dancer and actress Mayte Garcia stops by the show. Today Mayte talks with Mark & Cristina about her lifelong passion for belly dancing as well as her marriage, and subsequent divorce, to Rock & Roll legend Prince. Mayte also talks about moving on after her divorce and opens up about her plans to adopt. Plus, Mayte teaches Cristina how to shake her hips and move like a true belly dancer!

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Chef Fabio Viviani

Chef Fabio Viviani
Chef, author, and restaurateur, Fabio Viviani is back in our kitchen today! For the last few months Fabio has been traveling to promote his new cookbook, "Fabio's Italian Kitchen," but today Fabio's back with a special recipe. Today Fabio celebrates his return to Home & Family by sharing his recipe for a whole fish baked in salt and served with caper sauce and burnt lemon. Simplicity is the secret to this recipe which uses minimal ingredients to produce a true gourmet flavor!

Style expert Amy Tara Koch

Amy Tara Koch's Stylish and Stress-Free Travel Tips and Tricks
Summer is here and family travel is near so today, Mark & Cristina welcome style expert Amy Tara Koch to share her stylish and stress-free travel tips and tricks. Today Amy offers ideas to keep you comfortable and stylish for every conceivable airport situation. Plus, Amy has great tips to keep the kids busy and keep you comfy once you head into the friendly skies!

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FruitGuys Founder & CEO Chris Mittelstaedt
Founder and CEO of The FruitGuys, Chris Mittelstaedt shares tips on keeping your fruit fresh longer. First, Chris shares how and why he created The FruitGuys, which is now a nationwide, multi-million dollar fruit and vegetable delivery business. Then, Chris walks through the most popular stone fruits of the summer season and explains how to recognize the perfectly ripened fruit.

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Tanya Memme The Boys Strike Back Spaceship Playset
A few weeks ago lifestyle expert and host of "Sell This House: Extreme," Tanya Memme showed us how to turn an old entertainment center into an interactive play kitchen. Today, Tanya is back with another entertainment center and a craft we're calling "The Boys Strike Back Spaceship Playset." Today Tanya converts another entertainment center into a futuristic rocket ship! Perfect for your little astronaut, Tanya's craft is a perfect way to keep those old entertainment units out of the landfills and inspiring your kids for years to come.

Cristina Cooks - Cristina Cooks Sauerkraut for the Best Hot Dogs Ever
Nothing says summer or the 4th of July like a perfectly prepared hot dog, and the perfect topping for a hot dog is of course, sauerkraut. With that in mind, today Cristina shares a simple sauerkraut recipe to top her favorite hot dogs from Nate 'n Al's in Beverly Hills. and follow them on Twitter @NateNAl and