Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mary Lynn Rajskub
Actress and comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub recalls how she learned her character would be returning for the resurrection of "24: Live Another Day." Plus, she reveals what she's really typing on the keyboard in all the scenes showing her using a computer. And, find out what it's like working with Kiefer Sutherland and moving her family across the pond to film in London. Mary Lynn also tells us about her background in performance art and how she became roommates with Sarah Silverman.
"24: Live Another Day" airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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Naeng-Myeong Ice-Cold Noodles

Chef Judy Joo Cooks Naeng-Myeong Ice-Cold Noodles
It may sound like an oxymoron, but cold soup is actually a very common summertime delicacy in Korea. Chef Judy Joo, host of "Korean Food Made Simple," demonstrates how to make ice-cold noodles using gluten-free Korean buckwheat noodles. Next, Judy explains how the probiotics found in Korea's national dish, kimchi, act as a superfood, boosting your immune system to prevent SARS.
"Korean Food Made Simple" airs Saturdays at 12:30/11:30c on the Cooking Channel.

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DIY Big Bubble Maker with Matt Rogers & Sons

Matt Rogers is accompanied by sons Brayden and Mason for this kid-friendly project. The fellas make a DIY big bubble maker by mixing hot water, glycerin, and dish soap in a bucket. Then, Matt shows us how to make a wand using dowel rods and string. When you dip the string in the substance and wave it through the air, you'll create a super-sized bubble. Careful not to pop it!

Valery Ortiz

Actress Valery Ortiz gives us an overview of how her "Hit the Floor" character became the manager of the Devil's Playground lounge after failing to keep her spot on the Devil Girl squad. Her background in ballet, jazz, salsa, merengue, and a slew of other dance styles lent itself well to mastering the routines center court during season one. Valery also tells us what it's like working with co-star and love interest Dean Cain and the influence her Latin background has had on her career. Plus, she reveals her inner domestic diva with personalized gifts and crafts. "Hit the Floor" airs Mondays at 10/9c on VH1.

School Safety

Dr. Stephanie N. Marcy, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, spearheads a conversation on the alarming rate of school shootings in this country. She discusses just how much influence the media could have on this tragic epidemic and if she believes exposure to violence on TV, video games, and the internet contribute. Plus, she tells parents how to control their level of anxiety to keep their families safe and what is an appropriate age to speak to kids about violence. Teacher Daniel Nietzel, President of Fighting Chance Solutions, points out some warning signs teachers may notice in students and how to best report and handle odd behavior. He also introduces us to a door locking mechanism he invented to prevent intruders from entering the classroom. Then, Podiatrist Dr. Steven Walker, partner at Pro Techt LLC, features his bullet-resistant Bodyguard Blanket to shield students from gunshot wounds. Learn about Children's Hospital Los Angeles at and

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H and F Grilling Cook Off

"Home & Family's" 1st Annual Summer Grilling Cook-Off
Cristina and Matt Rogers go head-to-head in "Home & Family's" 1st Annual Summer Grilling Cook-Off. They're each tasked with making their very best recipe for baby back ribs with a side of baked beans. Cristina smothers her slab with barbecue sauce, while Matt prefers the dry rub technique. Who will win over the family at the picnic table? Let the showdown begin!
Bush's Grillin' Beans come in seven bold varieties, so there's a perfect flavor for everyone.

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DIY Chanel Inspired Cell Phone Cases

DIY Chanel Inspired Cell Phone Cases with Jessie Jane
Jessie Jane makes chic and customized cell phone cases that resemble Chanel purses, chain and all. Coming in at a grand total of less than $15, this is far more affordable than a designer bag. and Facebook.

Smart Collars for Dogs with Laura Nativo

Laura Nativo features the latest smart collars to monitor your dog's vitals, exercise, and more. Plus, track your dog's whereabouts with state of the art GPS technology in the event your precious pup escapes from your house or yard. Whistle is available for purchase at,, and

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