Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro
From "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Silver Spoons," actor Alfonso Ribeiro joins Home & Family today! Alfonso chats with Mark & Cristina about his years on TV, including his ongoing relationship with "The Fresh Prince" himself, Will Smith. Plus, Alfonso gives Mark & Cristina a chance to play a round from his new gameshow, " Spell-Mageddon!"

"Spell-Mageddon" airs Wednesday at 9p on ABC Family!

The Lennon Sisters

The Lennon Sisters
On Christmas Eve, 1955, the Lennon Sisters made their national debut on the "Lawrence Welk Show." Fifty years later, the sisters are still going strong, and today, Kathy & Janet Lennon join Home & Family to share memories from their storied career. Kathy & Janet give a behind the scenes look at what it was like growing up as child celebrities. Plus, the sisters, along with the next generation of Lennon Sisters, perform a special medley for the Home & Family audience!

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The Home & Family Makeover
Home & Family pulled together an all-star team of beauty professionals for a one of a kind makeover. Today celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, stylist Laurie Graham, and Home & Family makeup artist Inger Ostrom, all join forces to give a special makeover to Kristen Berg, sister of Home & Family family member Tamara Berg!

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Jessie Jane's DIY Reusable Bags
In cities and towns around the country plastic grocery bags are quickly being banned in favor of recyclable or reusable grocery bags. That's why today, lifestyle expert Jessie Jane stops by and shows how to make your own DIY reusable grocery bags. Jessie's reusable bags are environmentally friendly and cost a fraction of what stores charge. Plus, as Jessie shows, you can make this craft to match your own unique style!

Protecting Your Home from Theft

Protecting Your Home from Theft with Allstate Agent Brad Palmer
Allstate Agent Brad Palmer drops by today with tips on protecting your home from theft. Brad not only covers the common sense steps we should all take, he also discusses how social media can make your home a potential target for burglary. Brad also gives tips on how we can avoid potential gaps in our homeowner's or renter's insurance policies. for more tips and tools from Allstate Insurance.

Hot Flash Sale
If you feel your wallet getting lighter, don't worry, it's just a natural response to our weekly Hot Flash Sale! Sandie Newton has a fabulous collection of summer deals this week, ranging from Swarovski Crystal jewelry to some hot Hollywood accessories. And, like always, make sure you visit our friends at Lucky Puppy Rescue & Retail for information on this week's rescue pet.

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Mark's DIY T-Shirt Canvases

Mark's DIY T-Shirt Canvases
Today Mark shows how you can turn any old t-shirt into hangable wall art! Perfect for the kids or for the "man-cave," Mark's DIY t-shirt canvases are a great way to recycle old clothing. Plus, this wall-art project is simple enough for just about any member of your home and family.
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