Barrett Foa
From "NCIS: Los Angeles," actor Barrett Foa shares photos from a birthday celebration on the show. He also brings along behind-the-scenes video of the cast bursting into a flash mob at their wrap party. Plus, Barrett talks about the surreal experience of dodging fake bullets while trying to save the world during filming.
"NCIS: Los Angeles" airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

Katie Cazorla

Celebrity nail expert Katie Cazorla teaches us insider tricks to fix damaged nails caused by incorrectly removing gel manicures. A gel manicure differs from a traditional manicure and you cure the polish on your nails under an ultraviolet light. Nail tech Mary Ann Jones joins to show how buffing can smooth damaged nails. "Home & Family" producer Dana Leavitt lends her hands to illustrate a before-and-after of damaged versus healthy nails. Plus, Katie introduces a brand-new nail treatment called IBX and reveals how minced garlic mixed with clear nail polish can lead to stronger nails. How to remove gel manicures with Katie's DIY solution that everyone can use: 1. Take a bottle of regular, clear nail polish. 2. Pour a little off the top. 3. Mince a raw clove of garlic. 4. Add the minced garlic to the nail polish. 5. Screw the top back on the nail polish and set in a cool, dark place for at least a week. 6. Paint nails with the clear garlic polish to make them super strong (and don't worry, the solvents in the nail polish will cancel out the garlic smell). Virtual Nails are available at

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Food Styling with Cristina

Cristina preps and builds a "hero" bun and burger to be picture perfect. She takes us through the steps of making the raw beef appear fully cooked and camera-ready. The photogenic burger is then topped with lettuce and melted cheese.,, and Cristina also recommends the book "Food Styling for Photography."

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Set Dressing Your Food with Jessie Jane

Set Dressing Your Food with Jessie Jane
Feast your eyes on this! Jessie Jane shows us how to pose food for a photo shoot. She discusses the importance of photography to attract visitors to a blog or website. Jessie explains why it's best to arrange items in odd number groupings. She also demonstrates ways to angle the photo in order to showcase different items as the focal point. Plus, adding accessories such as patterned place mats can make a world of difference. and Facebook.

Food Blogging Photography with Mark

Food Blogging Photography with Mark
Mark may be very comfortable in front of the camera, but his true passion is behind the lens. He compares the results of shooting our "hero" burger using three kinds of camera - iPhone, point and shoot, and high-end - and discusses which allows you to control the depth of field by blurring things out. Mark teaches us how to choose the proper lens, light the set, and frame the subject.

Lemon Scented Chicken Thighs

Kelsey Nixon
TV host and author Kelsey Nixon makes lemon-scented chicken thighs, potatoes, carrots, and carmelized onions. Then, she adds her secret ingredient of croutons and wedges in lemon for an added citrus flair. to order her book "Kitchen Confidence." "Kelsey's Essentials" airs Saturdays at 2/1c on Cooking Channel and check your local listings for airdates on Food Network.

Dr. Piasecki & Family

Dr. Justin Piasecki, MD opens up about how a nearly fatal accident taught him to reorder his priorities. He now makes sure to carve out time to spend with his loved ones. Joined by wife Jill and daughters Kate, Natalie, and Hayley, the family demonstrates how they enjoy exercising together to build strength and form a bond with one another. Find out more about Dr. Piasecki at and

Fashion Myth Busting with Debbie Matenopoulos

Throw all those fashion rules of thumb out the window. Debbie Matenopoulos is here to show how what was once viewed as a fashion faux pas may now be right on trend. She teaches us the correct way to mix patterns and how to wear horizontal stripes without looking wider. You won't be breaking any fashion rules anymore by dressing in winter white after Labor Day. Learn the secret to rocking the denim on denim Canadian tuxedo. Plus, Debbie coordinates shoes, a handbag, and a belt without being too matchy-matchy. @IAmDebbieM.

DIY Wooden Crate Monogram Planters

DIY Wooden Crate Monogram Planters with Shirley Bovshow
Add a personal stamp to your horticulture with your monogram. Shirley plants succulents in rectangular wooden crates. Then, she arranges each block to spell initials. and follow her on Twitter @EdenMaker.

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