(Original air date: Tuesday, May 21st, 2013)

Law & Order's Elisabeth Röhm
Actress and author Elisabeth Röhm joins the family today! Fans of "Law & Order" will recognize Elisabeth as A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn from the wildly popular crime drama, but today Elisabeth opens up about her personal battle with infertility. In her new book, "Baby Steps: Having The Child I Always Wanted," Elisabeth talks about learning she was infertile and shares why discussing the condition was important not just for her, but for the millions of women and men suffering from infertility. And later, Dr. Vicken Sahakian , Director of the Pacific Fertility Center, joins the conversation to discuss factors that affect infertility and the medical options for couples and individuals facing the condition.

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Andrea Schroder's No Sew Children's Tee Pee

Andrea Schroder's No Sew Tepee
Just in time for summer, designer Andrea Schroder stops by to share her No Sew Children's Tepee craft. With special assistance from daughter Faith, Andrea's "hippie chic" tepee is an inexpensive way to give your kids a special place to hang outside during the summer. Plus, as Andrea shows, you can add your own custom additions to make the tepee perfect for your little ones!

Swimsuit Roundtable
Summer is in full swing and that means it's time to break out the swimsuits and strut your stuff! But, just in case you're not quite ready to hit the beach, today Mark & Cristina welcome our group of experts to share their tips on getting the perfect swimsuit body! Joining the roundtable today are celebrity trainer Ashley Borden, certified nutritionist Ashley Pettit, and the gorgeously green Sophie Uliano. During today's roundtable, the experts give tips on everything from exercising to eating right, all to help you look and feel your best all summer long.

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Cristina Cooks - Lavender-Apricot Chicken

Cristina Cooks Lavender-Apricot Chicken Drumsticks
Cristina shares a beautiful recipe for Lavender-Apricot Chicken Drumsticks. The savory and sweet chicken recipe, infused with the popular pairing of lavender and apricot, is a picture perfect meal for the holiday weekend. Plus, Cristina shares a refreshing Lavender Lemonade cocktail to complement this flavorful chicken dish!!

Summer Hair Accessories from Emi-Jay
High school entrepreneurs and founders of the wildly successful Emi-Jay hair accessory line, Emily Matson & Julianne Goldmark join the show today. Emily and Julianne share how they went from normal 8th graders to multi-million dollar business moguls. Plus, the young ladies show off the latest selections from their product line.

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Mark's DIY Coat Hooks

Mark's DIY Coat Hooks
For today's DIY project, Mark shows how to repurpose everyday items into unique coat hooks. Using anything from toys to utensils, Mark shows how easy it is to turn junk into a creative coat hook.

Shirley Bovshow - Planting the Vegetable Garden

The "Home & Family" Vegetable Garden with Shirley Bovshow
First, Shirley Bovshow showed how to prep space for the garden. Today, she's back to plant some veggies. Shirley's selection of transplants will have the garden producing by July 4th! Plus, Shirley has some great advice for all the gardners at home!

Shirley Bovshow's Veggie Garden Tips:
- Planting from seed is ideal for temperatures under 80 ° F . The hotter the temperature, the less ideal the environment is to plant.
- Seeds begin sprouting within 2 weeks, but give yourself 6-10 weeks for bigger results. - Remember to provide shade for your lettuce by using a cheese cloth strung above your lettuce or planting next to your tomates to use their natural shade. - Tomato plants need to be planted 2 inches deeper than other vegetables. Before doing so, trim the bottom leaves and sprouts off your tomato plants. Two more tips:
- Save money on wooden framing on your beds by using landscape fabric instead to stop the soil bed from eroding.
- Remember to test your soil first to make sure it's an ideal area to plant edibles. And, get more great tips from Shirley at and on Twitter @FoodieGardeners.

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