Kellie Martin
When actress Kellie Martin isn't filming a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, the busy mom finds time to author books. In her first novel, "Madam: A Novel of New Orleans," she tells the story of a powerful madam in New Orleans at the turn of the century. Kellie first became intrigued about this woman when she saw her photograph in a college class. The book transports readers back to the red light district in the early 1900s and introduces all the important players. Considering herself an unplugged mom, Kellie likes to give her son natural toys to play with. She shows us an assortment of colorful toys from her store that will keep kids entertained for hours.
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Brighten Up Your Skin with Kym Douglas

This spring, the beauty world is all abuzz about bright complexion. Kym Douglas is here to tell us how to achieve this look through revolutionary skincare techniques. She tells us how to naturally bleach our skin and avoid developing discoloration, age spots, or freckles by lathering up in sunscreen and covering our skin with clothing. Plus, Kym stresses the importance of washing makeup off our face before going to bed. Then, she makes a DIY skin brightening mask with ingredients that moisturize, kill bacteria, and help with brightening and lightening.

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Brett Davern

Celebrity driver Brett Davern is ready to start his engine when he returns to the track this weekend for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach 38th Annual Pro/Celebrity Race on April 12. He first developed a need for speed as a child at his uncle's go-kart track. Brett tells us how training for the race has helped calm his nerves and what safety precautions he takes in such a dangerous sport. He isn't just doing this for the pure adrenaline rush, but also competes to cross the finish line first to raise money on behalf of Racing for Kids. Brett also makes a pitstop at "Home & Family" to tell us about the fourth season of "Awkward," in which the senior class is figuring out what to do after high school graduation.

Season four of "Awkward" premieres April 15 at 10/9c on MTV.

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Jennifer Convy

"Win, Lose or Draw" co-executive producer Jennifer Convy shares her excitement for bringing the game show format back to children. She leads the family in a Pictionary-esque game of "Win, Lose or Draw." "Win, Lose or Draw" airs Monday-Thursday at 5/4c on Disney Channel.

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Jewel Bakes Blueberry Muffins

Jewel Bakes Blueberry Muffins
When singer and songwriter Jewel isn't in the recording studio, she also feels right at home in the kitchen. Raised by a single dad on a homestead in Alaska, cooking was a large part of her upbringing. This homegrown lifestyle still holds true today for the Nashville resident, as Jewel makes every effort to eat locally and order grass-fed beef online. Always searching for healthy snacks that fit in her purse to satisfy her 2 ½ -year-old son on the go, Jewel teaches us to make a batch of blueberry muffins. She also explains exactly what Pure Via is. Plus, Jewel treats us to a sampling of her impressive yodeling skills.

DIY Moss Bunny Garland with Jessie Jane

DIY Moss Bunny Garland with Jessie Jane
Jessie Jane creates another Easter project to decorate your home. Investing in SuperMoss instead of real moss is well worth the additional expense because it lasts forever. Using a stencil, Jessie cuts out bunny silhouettes from the moss and adds a colorful flower to its collar. Then, she strings them together to hang.
Jo-Ann Fabrics and

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Sugar Addiction with Dr Nicole Avena

Sugar Addiction with Dr. Nicole Avena
Are you not seeing the results you expected from your diet? Neuroscientist and diet and nutrition expert Dr. Nicole Avena, Ph.D may have the explaination you've been looking for. In her book "Why Diets Fail," she outlines new research that suggests that sugar addiction is a very real epidemic. The nature of the addiction causes symptoms such as tolerance, withdrawal, and cravings. Even when you think you're reaching for a healthy snack, there may actually be some form of sugar hidden inside, as there are 56 different names for sugar. Dr. Nicole Avena tells us how to be more health-conscious eaters.
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Poisonous Plants with Shirley Bovshow

Serious danger may be lurking in your yard. Shirley Bovshow discusses a long list of poisonous plants that are harmful and potentionally deadly to pets and children. Some plants are so toxic, simply touching a leaf can cause an allergic reaction and eating one leaf might prove fatal in fewer than 24 hours. Some plants have developed such poisonous characterists to deter people from picking them. The toxins found in Lily of the Valley was even used in poison arrows way back when. So, listen closely to protect your family from succumbing to the wrath of poisonous plants. UC Davis and Cornell University has great information on toxic plants.

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Ask Cristina

Questions continue to pour in for Cristina, so she allots some time today to answer. Cristina exudes natural beauty, but our loyal Facebook fans are very intrigued by how she gets camera-ready each day for "Home & Family." She gives credit to her glam squad, consisting of lead hairstylist Francine Valdivia, Cristina's stylist Craig Gangi, and lead makeup artist Laci Hill. She also reveals details on her personal weight loss triumph and the book she's currently working on with Mark. Book an appointment with Cristina's stylist at Check out Laci Hill, lead makeup artist, at

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