Camilla Luddington
Actress Camilla Luddington tells us about her fangirl moment on her first day on the set of "Grey's Anatomy." She gets us all caught up on what her character's been up to. Camilla also comments on Sandra Oh's exit from the show and how Shonda Rhimes expertly handles characters coming and going. Plus, she explains how she learns some very complicated medical terms in the script.
"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.


Fitness instructor Sandy Campanella explains how Zumba differs from other dance classes. Then, get ready to break a sweat as Sandy sends your heart rate through the ceiling with a high-energy Zumba routine. This exercise will help you strengthen and sculpt your core and thighs. Dance on over to

DIY Heart Shaped Elbow Patches

Patchwork Sweaters with Jessie Jane
Inspired by an expensive sweater at Nordstrom, Jessie Jane makes DIY elbow patches. Using templates of shapes such as hearts and stars, Jessie cuts patches out of fabrics. She shows us how to prevent the material from fraying without stitches. This project is fun for all ages. and Facebook.

Jonathan Keltz Guacamole recipe

Jonathan Keltz
As Jonathan Keltz shares his family's recipe for guacamole, the actor tells us all about his show "Reign" and how he got his start on screen. He recalls taking a ski lift to/from the show's set during a snowstorm near Toronto. Plus, he flips back and forth between his character's accent and his own. Then, Jonathan introduces us to CritterKin, a book series teaching kids about caring for animals. To further this initiative, Jonathan visits classrooms and interacts with students via Skype.
"Reign" airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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E-Cigarette Dangers with Dr. JJ Levenstein

Think twice before lighting up an e-cigarette. Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP educates us on the risks and potential hazards associated with its use and accidental ingestion. Because e-cigarettes are not regulated, it's especially alarming that children are able to purchase the product. The flavored nicotine may partially be to blame for luring young people to the habit. Dr. Levenstein emphasizes that more research is needed to determine just how effective e-cigarettes are in helping smokers quit and if they are a gateway to nicotine addiction. Take parenting classes instructed by Dr. Levenstein online by visiting To learn more about parents' concerns with kids go to her Facebook page at Also, find helpful parenting products at

Cajun Crawfish Boil with Chef Brandon Boudet

Chef Brandon Boudet Cooks Crawfish Boil
Dominick's and Little Dom's Restaurants chef/owner Brandon Boudet adds a little flavor of his New Orleans roots to his Italian eateries once a year for his annual Crawfish Boil. Today, he teaches us how to make a tremendous pot of crawfish and the proper technique for eating it. Plus, he tells us about his alligator meatballs and more.

Pet Essentials While Traveling with Laura Nativo

Laura Nativo stresses the importance of taking pets' safety into consideration while traveling. Make sure you have proper restraints in the car and use rewards to train your dog to go in the carrier. Laura recommends Wellness WellBites as her treat of choice. She also suggests putting food inside an interactive toy for animals to forage for it. Also, make sure to thoroughly research your destination to confirm your hotel accepts pets and locate an area animal hospital, doggie daycare, and pet food store. Natural dog treats are available at

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How To Pamper Your Mom

Pampering Your Mom For Mother's Day with Amy Goodman
Moms put kids first 364 days out of the year. Mother's Day is the one day that it's her turn to be on top of the pedestal. Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman has some great gift ideas to pamper your mom. From a robe to lounge in to beauty products to jewelry to wine-scented candles, there's something perfect for every mom out there. Plus, some of these items even help support women's philanthropies. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Products Featured:
Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum, $28
Rock Star Hand Crème, $20,

Julep Nail Colors, $14 each at

Natori Nirvana Robe comes in 6 colors, $59 at

Rewined Candles, $28 at

A portion of the sale of Full Circle Exchange products give back to empower women in third world countries. Full Circle Exchange Tea & Chocolate Deluxe Set, $39.99 at

Numi Flowering Tea Set in Bamboo, $39.99 at

Amrita Singh jewelry is available at

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