Bob Harper
"The Biggest Loser" trainer is here to teach us how to cut the calories in the kitchen with recipes from his "Skinny Meals" cookbook. Since he bans carbs after lunch, Bob makes no-carb pasta using zucchini. He also shares a memorable moment from season one of the weight loss show in which he helped a contestant gain the stamina to run a full mile. Plus, Bob fills us in on a former participant who went on to become a SoulCycle instructor.
"The Biggest Loser" airs on NBC.

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Picking the Right Bag for Your Body with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas gets purse-onal today! Picking a purse is very dependent on a number of factors: occasion, comfort, practicality, durability, and not to be forgotten, body type. Kym shows us which bag styles, including satchels, totes, clutches, and more, flatter which body type. Bag 101:
1. Satchel handbags work best for triangle body shapes.
2. Keep purse size proportionate to your body size. 3. Handbags that lay near the mid section are a great trick to accentuate a small waist. 4. Practicality and comfort are key when choosing the right purse. 5. Every woman should have a weekend, every day, and evening bag. Bags provided by

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Debbie Macomber Writes Blossom Street Brides

Debbie Macomber
One of the world's top fiction writers, Debbie Macomber, is with us to discuss her new book "Blossom Street Brides." After marrying and becoming a mother at a young age, the author didn't pursue writing until she was in her 30s. She also had to overcome another challenge, dyslexia, to gain comfort with the written word. Debbie tells us about dealing with the initial rejection of her manuscripts and her perseverence to get her first book published. Today, she feels "blessed" to have such a great partnership with Hallmark Channel on the series "Cedar Cove" starring Andie MacDowell.
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Season two of "Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove" premieres this July on Hallmark Channel.

Artificial Grass with Tanya Memme

The grass is always greener when Tanya Memme is here! It is hard to maintain a real lawn, so Tanya has a simple solution. She discusses the benefits of artificial grass including the elimination of pesticides and fertilizers, mowing, and watering. Tanya shows us her favorite line of synthetic grass made of 100% recyclable products. It looks and feels so authentic. She also explains the process of installing an artificial lawn and explains how cost varies depending on the type of grass you'd like and the size of your yard. Visit to find out more about NewGrass® artificial grass solution.

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Neelys Cook Blackened Catfish and Creole Remoulade

Gina & Pat Neely Cook Blackened Catfish and Creole Remoulade
"Back Home with the Neelys" authors Gina and Pat Neely share Southern recipes. They cook blackened catfish and creole remoulade with a homemade rub. Plus, they share the biographies of their dear grandparents to the accompany the recipes in the book because of the special memories the food evokes.

Benefits of Family Dinners with Dr. Michelle Cohen

Licensed clinical psychologist and TV personality Dr. Michelle Cohen stresses the importance of making family dinners routine in your household. She says that studies have shown that children earn better grades, suffer from less depression, and are overall better adjusted if they sit for family dinners four-five days per week. Children who have fewer than three family dinners weekly tend to engage in more risky behaviors. Dr. Cohen explains the types of conversation topics that are appropriate while at the table.

DIY No Sew Linen Curtains

DIY No-Sew Linen Curtains
Mark and Cristina lead a tutorial on a simple project today to make linen curtains without a needle and thread. In fact, no sewing whatsoever is involved. To give our new curtains a smooth, beautiful look, Cristina irons the fabric and does some touch-ups with a steamer after Mark hangs them.

Dangers of Lithium Batteries with Dr. JJ Levenstein

Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP gets all charged up about the hazards of lithium batteries. Everyone knows to keep matches and knives out of kids' reach, but the lithium batteries in their toys and other household gadgets can be just as dangerous. In addition to being shiny, batteries have decreased in size and shape, making it easy for children to swallow them. But, they can get lodged in the esophogus, posing a serious threat to the child's health. Dr. Levenstein tells parents how to avoid ingestion, what symptoms to look for, and the urgency to get help. Reach the National Battery Ingestion Hotline at (202) 625-333. Take parenting classes instructed by Dr. Levenstein online by visiting To learn more about parents' concerns with kids go to her Facebook page at Also, find helpful parenting products at

Hallmark Celebrates 100 Years of Mothers Day

Hallmark Celebrates 100 Years of Mother's Day
Cristina and Mark tell us how Mother's Day began an entire century ago. They then take us on a journey through the evolution of Hallmark Mother's Day cards over the years.
Hallmark's 100 First-Time Moms Contest: -Every Mother's Day is special, but nothing can compare to that very first time a woman gets to celebrate the holiday as a mom herself. -Hallmark wants to help celebrate these new moms and those who are pregnant for the first time. That's why they've launched the 100 First-Time Moms Sweepstakes. -Between today and April 30, go to and nominate a recent or soon-to-be first-time mom.

She could be one of 100 people to receive a $100 prize pack full of all of these fun Hallmark products: -"Watch Me Grow" Growth Chart Kit includes a fun snail growth chart, plus paper flags to record the date and little one's age at each milestone. -Pics 'n' Props Baby's First Holidays Kit features 25 holiday photo props ranging from a patriotic Fourth of July hat to a "My 1st New Year" sash. The kit also includes an album to hold all the holiday photo memories from baby's first year. -One-of-a-Kind Creations "MOM" Frame helps mom display her favorite family picture in a unique way. -Baby's First Birthday Keepsake Ornament doubles as a photo holder that will help mom relive a precious milestone — her little one's first birthday — each holiday season. -Hallmark Signature Collection greeting card features a functional wooden puzzle on the cover and celebrates a mom's ability to "love, hug, play, and repeat." You can win something, too! By nominating someone, you will be entered to win a $100 Hallmark Gold Crown card. Get more great recipes and crafts by visiting us on Pinterest at and follow "Home & Family" on Twitter @homeandfamilytv and Facebook. Plus, check out our YouTube channel for backstage videos.