Vicki Lawrence
The unforgettable "Mama Harper" and "Carol Burnett Show" alum Vicki Lawrence stops by to share her memories from one of America's favorite shows. In honor of the release of "The Best of the Carol Burnett Show" on DVD, Vicki shares her favorite memories of working on what she calls "The Harvard School of Comedy," including the unusual story of how Vicki became a member of the cast while still in high school! Later Vicki shares the inspiration for "Mama Harper" and how she got the role instead of show star Carol Burnett.

Fabio Viviani
Fan favorite from Bravo's "Top Chef New York" and "Top Chef All Stars," chef Fabio Viviani teaches Mark & Paige a "sexy and traditional" recipe perfect for a romantic dinner. Fabio's soft and pillowy gnocchi served with a seasonal pumpkin sauce are sure to add a amore to the holidays. Fabio's deep accent brings home the rich and savory flavors in this traditional Florentine dish.

Jillian Jensen
In commemoration of National Bullying Prevention Month Mark, Paige and X-Factor contestant Jillian Jensen share their personal stories of bullying. Jillian's own story was brought to the national conversation when during her X-Factor auction she opened up about how her bullies tormented her throughout middle and high school. Today Jillian brings her emotional and inspirational story to Home & Family in the hopes of bringing awareness and attention to combat bullying.
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Fabio Lanzoni
It's the two Fabios today on Home & Family! Joining celebrity chef Fabio Viviani is heart-throb Fabio Lanzoni. The model and romance novel icon stops by to visit with his fellow Italian Fabio Viviani. The two share their memories of coming to America and how the two famous Fabios finally had the chance to meet. Plus Paige gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets to shoot a romance novel with the original Fabio.
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Tamara Berg
It's time for a little fun in the laundry room! If you're trying to impress your guests or just be a little creative, "craft maniac" Tamara Berg is ready to teach you how to do "The Tamara Twist!" Much simpler than traditional origami, Tamara's simple take on the traditional art is sure to change boring old towels into a terry cloth menagerie.
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Mark Edgar Stephens
Statistics show 1 in 4 children are being bullied in school and today's guest is here to teach parents how to spot the signs that your child may have a bully. Parents know their kids better than anyone and body language expert Mark Edgar Stephens talks with Mark & Paige about the tell tale signs of bullying. Plus Mark shows us how to use non-verbal communication to fight back and instill confidence in your children.
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Lindsay Albanese
Style expert Lindsay Albanese is here to break down the hottest trends in fall and winter coats that won't break the bank. From "Moto style" to "Mixed Materials" Lindsay shows how you can mix and match from your favorite off the rack stores and still attain that runway look. Besides managing your fashion budget Lindsay gives her tips on how to manage and integrate the hottest trends into your everyday life.
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