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Today on Home & Family Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

(Original air date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013)

Lea Black
Lea Black gives us a preview of the explosive third season of " The Real Housewives of Miami." She talks about airing her dirty laundry on reality TV and answers viewer questions. Plus, Lea comments on the legal battle New Jersey "Housewife" Teresa Giudice is caught up in, saying that the situation is heartbreaking. Then, Lea explains why she started her own business of skincare products and handbags. Also, she discusses founding Consequences Charity, which has kept thousands of kids out of jail.

" The Real Housewives of Miami" airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Lea Black Beauty is available at theworldofleablack.com. For more information on Consequences Charity, please visit theblacksannualgala.com.

SURFSET Fitness with Natalie Sanger Gendle & Aaron Gendle
Hang ten with Natalie Sanger Gendle and Aaron Gendle, fitness experts and owners of G60fit gym in Huntington Beach, CA. They're introducing a new fitness regime called SURFSET that uses surfing techniques on land to build core strength and stability. Take a look to see if Mark wipes out or catches a wave!

SURFSET is currently offered in 78 studios in 30 states. Go to surfsetfitness.com to find a gym near you.

Chef Pete Evans Cooks
Our mate, chef Pete Evans, joins us from Down Under to cook garlic and chili shrimp with red grapefruit and fennel salad. Instead of putting the shrimp on the barbie, he opts to steam them for this dish. He cautions not to overcook the shrimp and suggests adding flavor with dressing. Pete's recipe allows you to choose whatever type of citrus you desire.


Get Pete's full recipe here>>

Check out Pete at peteevanschef.com and Facebook.com/peteevanschef and follow him on Twitter @PeteEvansChef. His show, "Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking," premieres Sunday, September 8 on PBS. Go to www.finecooking.tv/ for local listings. And, get a copy of his book, "My Grill."

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Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, M.D.- Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac
Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, M.D. tackles the causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. She explains that the oils cause a rash to develop on your skin after exposure to these leaves. If you're in a wooded area and see "leaves of three, let them be," Dr. Lee advises.

For more with Dr. Sandra Lee, go to www.skinps.com.

Fashion Stylist Eric Himel
It is bring your daddy to work day for "Home & Family" wardrobe assistant Kristie Pierce, who thinks her dad Bob Harrison's fashion sense is outdated. She enlists the help of celebrity fashion stylist Eric Himel and a "Home & Family" hair and makeup artist to give him a head-to-toe makeover. In no time, Bob goes from surfer dude to a snazzy suit from Bloomingdale's. He even gets to take home his new fashion-forward footwear from The Left Shoe Company!

Eric's Tips:
1. Get clothes tailored to fit properly.
2. Be comfortable in your own skin. 3. Embrace your style. Please visit Eric Himel at erichimel.com.

Bookcase Dollhouse with Tamara Berg
Craft expert and host of "The Tamara Twist," Tamara Berg, makes an adorable dollhouse by upcycling an old bookshelf. You can add personal touches in your decorations, even creating a brick effect by sponge painting.

Get the instructions here>>

Tamara shares more great projects at tamaracentral.com.

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Cristina's Wine & Chocolate Gift Baskets
In just a few short minutes of assembly time, Cristina puts together a berrylicious gift basket, perfect for a host or hostess gift. She adds a personal touch by pairing Brookside dark chocolates with wine, fruit, and bread for this beautiful, rustic present.
Learn how to design a custom gift basket>>

Suggested Pairings:
Acai and blueberry pairs well with merlot.
Pomegranate pairs well with pinot noir. Goji with raspberry pairs well with cabernet.

Cristina Cooks Sliders with Whiskey BBQ Sauce and Fries
Cristina mixes together beef, bison, and turkey to create slider-size patties. Then, she spikes her favorite bbq sauce with whiskey and adds a side of sweet potato fries with fresh herbs.
For the recipe, click here>>

Get additional recipes from Cristina at www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

Jennifer Scheffler's Custom Etched Jewelry
Jewelry designer and owner of Realia by Jen, Jennifer Scheffler teaches us how to make custom etched jewelry. Using a process similar to developing film, Jen prints designs and logos onto metal. She then assembles it into all different kinds of jewelry pieces or framed art displays.


If you'd like to place an order, go to realiabyjen.com. For an assortment of stamp patterns, go to etsy.com/shop/BlossomStamps.

Get more great crafts and recipes from "Home & Family" on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/hallmarkchannel.