(Original air date: Friday, April 5th, 2013)

Kaitlyn Dever
Today on "Home & Family," Mark & Cristina welcome actress Kaitlyn Dever from ABC’s hit comedy series " Last Man Standing." Kaitlyn shares how she caught the acting bug at just six years old! Plus, Kaitlyn lets us know what it is really like working with Tim Allen. And later, we get to hear Kaitlyn's singing voice when she performs the Johnny Cash hit, "Ring of Fire!"

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Alex Thomopoulos Cooks
We've got more delicious gluten-free cooking today when Cristina's beautiful daughter Alex Thomopoulos stops by the show! She shares her recipe for gluten-free banana bread and reveals her secret for adding sweetness without using refined sugar! Alex also shares the details about her upcoming gluten-free cooking getaway in Italy!

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Teen DIY Expert Sedona Cohen
Teen DIY expert and host of "Sedona DIY," Sedona Cohen stops by the house today. She shares a simple project to create a pet bed using little more than an old suitcase and glue! Sedona's craft is simple enough for any member of your family and can be customized for any of your four-legged friends. Plus, Sedona brings a very special guest for the final approval of her pet bed!
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Sophie Uliano
Summer is here and that means that it's time to break out the bathing suit! And, to help get you ready to look your best, Sophie Uliano is back with some all-natural ways to treat cellulite. Sophie first explains the causes of cellulite before demonstrating her simple 3-step treatment process. &

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The Toolbelt Diva, Norma Vally
The Toolbelt Diva, Norma Vally, teams up with Mark to show us how to save money in the bathroom with some simple DIY toilet fixes. First, Norma explains some common toilet problems and demonstrates some simple fixes you can do in a snap. Plus, Norma shows how easy it can be to install a toilet and she also breaks down the do's and don'ts of plungers.
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Dr. Su Sachar
Working out, sleeping well, and eating right should make you feel great, but those healthy habits can't always prevent you from getting sick. Today, gastroenterologist Dr. Su Sachar shares some important information about how enzymes affect the immune system. Plus, Dr. Sachar offers some simple steps anyone can take to improve the quantity and quality of enzymes in your digestive system.
How To Boost Your Immunity with Enzymes

Main types of enzymes:

  1. Protease – break down protein
  2. Amyalase – break down carbohydrates
  3. Lipase – break down fats. Enzymes to avoid: Propylene, glycol, wheat, soy, corn. Get more GI health information from Dr. Sachard at:

Super Mommy...Not Founder Donna Tetreault
Founder of Super Mommy…Not, Donna Tetreault, offers some useful tips on developing more effective family communication skills. Donna shares how she started family meetings to help her stop feeling like she was constantly yelling at her kids! Donna shows how the family meetings worked for her family and can be effective, even for very young kids.

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The Paper Airplane Guy
The Paper Airplane Guy, John Collins, shows how to make a world record setting paper airplane. The paper airplane John creates today is simpler than his world record setting plane, named for his wife, that took 18 months to create and flew a staggering 226 feet! John also shares why this simple hobby is a great way to get kids interested in science and math!

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