Al Robertson
" Duck Dynasty" star Al Robertson hunts us down today on "Home & Family." He'll quack you up as he teaches the entire clan a wide array of duck calls. As the oldest brother of the family, Al explains why he's the black sheep, even comparing himself to "The Munsters." He talks about his previous career as a pastor and why he decided to leave the ministry to return to the family business.

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Kym Douglas' Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Kym Douglas' Beauty Secrets from Around the World
After collecting stamps on her passport, beauty expert and avid traveler Kym Douglas has landed back in the United States. Along the way, she picked up some nifty beauty tips that are part of cultures in foreign countries. But now, Kym is sharing these best-kept secrets with all of America!

Dr. Jennifer Berman
Dr. Jennifer Berman, urologist and co-host of " The Doctors," discusses stepping into the role of patient when a suspicious mass appeared on her mammogram. Due to a history of breast cancer in her family, she knew it was important she monitor her health. To raise awareness and demystify the procedure, Dr. Berman discusses her decision to broadcast her mammogram and biopsy results live on "The Doctors." Luckily, her mass was diagnosed as benign and Dr. Berman is happily and healthily with us today to share her story.

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"Taste of Home" Chicago-Style Beef Sandwiches
This recipe is blowing in from the Windy City! With Catherine Cassidy, editor-in-chief of "Taste of Home" joining her via Skype, Cristina is making Chicago-style beef sandwiches, a recipe submitted by Lois Szydlowski. This tender and affordable beef sandwich will fill your house with an amazing aroma.

Pumpkin Carving Expert Gene Granata

Gene Granata
Basic jack-o-lanterns are so last year. Leave it to expert pumpkin carver Gene Granata to up the ante on this Halloween tradition. He teaches Mark and Cristina how to select the perfect pumpkin and how to carve using a stencil and a kit. To complete the look, he illuminates the pumpkin with LED lights inside and uses props to decorate the display.
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Danette May
Certified nutritionist and fitness trainer Danette May joins us today to share insight on how to stay healthy during the winter months. She tells us which vitamins are essential to your diet and what foods to stray away from. If you start to get a stratchy or sore throat, Danette suggests treating the symptoms with garlic.

David Tutera
Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera tells us about some of the most outrageous bridal requests he's recieved in his 27 years in the business. David also discusses the contrast in colors, menu choices, and fabrics between fall/winter and spring/summer weddings. Plus, he shares advice on budgeting-- what aspects of a wedding couples should splurge on and where the lovebirds can save. And, David gives us a special peek at two beautiful bridal gowns from his very own line.

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Tony Ramos
The entire family cozies up outside on with Tony Ramos, publisher of " Patio & Hearth Products Report Magazine." The outdoorman shares the hottest products on the market, including this firetable that creates a warm ambiance. He also says a simple way to update the furniture you already have on your deck is to replace the throw pillows and add an outdoor rug.

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Outdoor Rug, Price: $300 Oriental Weavers:

Throw Pillows, Price: $29 Each Peak Season:

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Surprise Cakes with Tanya Memme
Tanya Memme shares a special family tradition of hiding surprises in cakes. She wraps money, fortunes, and silly dares in tinfoil and then bakes them into the cake. When the guests eat their slice, they get a little extra sweet treat they hadn't bargained for!

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