The Carey Bros. Contest
Since the beginning of the new "Home & Family" season, the Carey Bros. have been hard at work completely remodeling our bathroom. If your bathroom also needs a facelift, the Carey Bros. are generously offering to makeover the bathroom of one lucky viewer. Participants can enter once per day between now and December 13. As an early Christmas present, the winner will be announced on December 23.

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Dean Cain

Dean Cain
Actor Dean Cain looks back on his time as Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, in "Lois and Clark." He even kisses and tells about smooching Raquel Welch and shares his thoughts on Ben Affleck getting cast as Batman.

Dean Cain is also the spokesperson for "FromMe2You," an online life legacy service. Check them out at It enables you to leave messages and personal documents for loved ones. For a 50% discount, use promo code: Hallmark.

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Leather Belt Rug

Jessie Jane Makes Leather Rug From Belts
Inspired by a leather floor in a warehouse, Jessie Jane buckles down to make a rug out of old leather belts. This decorative accent will be quite the conversation piece in your home!

Jeff Wilson
The Farmer's Almanac is predicting the coldest winter in years, so you'll soon be raising the thermostat to stay cozy and warm inside. " The Greened House Effect" author Jeff Wilson is here with tips to reduce your utility bill by sealing openings that are prone to allowing cold air to blow inside. Tomorrow, Jeff will return to tell you how to improve air quality inside your home. and visit for more information. Get additional info at Jeff's site,

PaintJam with Dan Dunn

PaintJam with Dan Dunn
Speed painting extraordinaire Dan Dunn tells us how he went from a caricature artist to an overnight YouTube sensation. His entertaining masterpieces are now sold and auctioned for charity. Today, Dan rocks out while painting the Statue of Liberty before our very eyes in a few short minutes.

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Dr. Eris Huemer
'Tis the season of stress! Licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Eris Huemer shares tips to avoid conflict over the holidays through moderation in food, drinks, and togetherness. To divert confrontation, keep your guests occuppied with structured activities and be self-aware of your triggers. and follow Dr. Huemer on Twitter @doctoreris.

Catherine McCord
Author of "Weelicious Lunches" Catherine McCord prepares a lunch menu your kids will be eager to eat. She suggests getting children involved in the kitchen to further excite them about healthy and nutritious meals. Regardless of age, presentation is key and Catherine jokes that everything is more fun on a stick. Plus, she teaches us how to bake pizza balls with all sorts of ingredients.

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Sophie Uliano Makes Potpourri

Sophie Uliano Makes Potpourri
Sophie Uliano shares three ways to make potpourri so your home smells festive for the holidays. Store-bought potpourri is artificially scented, but the gorgeously green Sophie teaches us the three Fs for DIY homemade traditional potpourri: fixative, filler, and fragrance. She also demonstrates the process of simmering potpourri and crafting a wreath out of cinnamon sticks.
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Jill Simonian
Babies are only babies for a finite duration of time and moms are left with heaps of outgrown baby products. Jill Simonian shows us a multitude of ways to repurpose wipe containers, bottles, swaddle blankets, and more to make them relevant again. She also refers moms to reputable organizations that accept hand-me-downs.

Ways to Upcycle Baby Products:
1. Baby powder is a great instant hair degreaser.
2. Use baby wipes to remove makeup and dust off dashboard. 3. Old swaddle blankets double as scarves, aprons, or sarongs for mom. 4. Old baby bottles can be used as spill resistant paint containers. Donate car seats, toys, and strollers to,,, and

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Soil Winterization

Shirley Bovshow
Shirley Bovshow prepares the "Home & Family" garden for cooler weather. As shown in a time lapse video, she first clears out the tomato plants and eggplants. It's out with the old and in with the new as Shirley readies the soil for a new crop of veggies and herbs.

Winterize your garden in four easy steps:
1. Top soil needs to be turned and loosened.
2. Add compost and new top soil: 50/50 top soil/compost combo. 3. Build up to 12 inches to create a raised mound. 4. Use landscape fabric to shape and hold the soil. And, here's a tip: Using the fabric instead of wood to secure the mound saves a whole lot of money and time. Compost and soil provided by Kellogg Garden,

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Hallmark Gold Crown Open House
It's that happy time of the year when Hallmark Gold Crown Stores will kick off the Holidays with their annual open house! This 4-day event starts this Friday, November 8th.

The stores will be offering great deals and promotions on items to help you get ready for the holidays. They have meaningful gifts, holiday boxed cards, keepsake ornaments, and of course, their holiday gift-wrap! Hallmark is offering a limited-edition re-release of the very first techno plush snowman that plays a version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." And in this year's edition, the Merry Carolers Trio – the 10th version, the lamppost lights up and the snowman bobs, sways, and sings a fun version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" with the help of his dog and bird friends. Check it out!