Sherri Shepherd Cooks Spring Pea Soup
From the hit daytime talk show "The View," Sherri Shepherd hits the kitchen and previews a few recipes from her book, "Plan D," before Cristina shares her own healthy spring pea soup recipe!
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Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr. Funk

Joining the family today with the latest information on preventing and detecting breast cancer is surgeon and founder of The Pink Lotus Breast Center, Dr. Kristi Funk. Dr. Funk starts her talk by emphasizing the importance of early detection followed by tips on proper techniques for self breast exams. And later, Dr. Funk discusses some of the genetic factors the may increase your chances of developing cancer and what steps you can take to make sure you're keeping yourself healthy. For more information on breast cancer from Dr. Kristi Funk, visit

Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels

From the hit weight loss show "The Biggest Loser," fitness expert and author Jillian Michaels joins the family today! Jillian talks about her new book, "Slim for Life," and offers a few important takeaways that will help anyone lose weight and keep it off. And later, Jillian dispels some popular weight loss myths and gives details about her "Maximize Your Life" tour. Then, Jillian hits the kitchen to prepare her healthy almond-orange rainbow trout with chipotle yogurt sauce! Get Jillian Michaels' Almond-orange rainbow trout with chipotle yogurt sauce recipe>> Check out Jillian's book at and learn about her "Maximize Your Life Tour" at

"The Biggest Loser" returns to NBC this fall.

John Fulton & Bulldog Tillman

From "Who Let the Dogs Out," Tillman the skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding bulldog is on the show today! Tillman was kind enough to bring along the musical host of "Who Let the Dogs Out," John Fulton, to talk with Mark and Cristina. John shares how he, being allergic to cats and dogs, got the gig hosting "Who Let the Dogs Out." Plus, Tillman's trainer, Ron Davis, joins the show to talk about how he helped train Tillman to become the world's premiere skateboarding dog! And later, Tillman's four-legged friends Rose and Sully stop by and show off their balloon popping skills.

Orly Shani

We all wish that we could make custom made clothes, but who has the time? Clothing designer Orly Shani is here today to show you how to reinvent a jacket with thrift store finds and your own out of date clothes. Today, Orly teaches you that by snagging the best elements from your local thrift store will breathe new life into any old jacket! Plus, with a little creativity, Orly's tips can save you hundreds on a stylish new look! Check out Orly's instructions for her DIY jacket>> Get more great fashion tips from Orly at Follow her on Twitter @orlyshani.

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3D Chalk Art with Tracy Lee Stum

3D Chalk Art with Tracy Lee Stum
Guinness World Record holder and master street painter, Tracy Lee Stum, reveals the trick to her amazing 3D chalk art. Tracy's art has been commissioned all over the world for advertising, special events, and even supporting educational initiatives. Today, Tracy reveals a 3D painting she created in our driveway and gives Mark and Cristina a tutorial on her technique.
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The Home & Family Wedding Series-DIY Lace Lanterns

DIY Lace Lanterns with Jessie Jane
The "Home & Family" wedding series continues today with some more great crafts from lifestyle expert Jessie Jane. Today, Jessie adds more elements to the wedding decor, when she teaches Gabi & Charlie how to make DIY lace lanterns. Jessie's lace lantern crafts are both simple and elegant, while still being budget friendly.
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From the San Diego Zoo, Zookeeper Rick Schwartz

Zookeeper Rick Schwartz
From the San Diego Zoo, Zookeeper Rick Schwartz is back. We've gotten accustomed to Rick's amazing world of wild animals and today's collection of animals from North America doesn't disappoint. Rick brings an assortment of animals that you may recognize from your own neighborhood, including skunks, raccoons, and even a bald eagle!
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Cristina Cooks Risotto
Cristina picks a zucchini fresh off the vine from the "Home & Family" vegetable garden for her creamy risotto recipe. Matt Rogers pitches in to help chop as Cristina explains how to choose the right rice and how fish stock enhances the texture. Then, she adds scallops on top to complete the meal.
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ZOOM Interiors
Today, Mark & Cristina welcome the co-founders of the next generation interior design company, ZOOM interiors, LLC. George Washington University graduates Madeline Foster, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, and Lizzie Grover have started a company that creates interior design affordably, efficiently, and electronically. Because they are electronically based, ZOOM interiors can design for anyone, anywhere across the country. The ZOOM interiors team utilizes it’s talents to customize your space to better suit your personality and style from installing original artwork, painting existing furniture, and adding creative handmade installations into your space. They give a guided tour through the ZOOM process and later will transform a simple dresser into something special with a little paint and some creative accessories.
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Clay Walker
Multi-platinum country recording superstar Clay Walker is performing on the "Home & Family" stage today. Clay opens up about his first big musical performance as a teenager and how that experience helped motivate him to pursue a lifelong career in music. Clay also talks about his charity, the Military Warriors Support Foundation, that works to support our soldiers and their families. Plus, Clay gets candid about his diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis early in his career and establishing his foundation Band Against MS to raise money to find a cure. And later, we get to see the world exclusive debut of Clay's new single "Wrong Enough to Know!"
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