Stefanie Powers
In the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "A Ring By Spring," actress Stefanie Powers has a sixth sense. She tells us about playing a fortune teller and using her clairvoyance to predict romantic future or doom. Stephanie also shares a funny story about shooting a film set in the spring during a snowstorm in Toronto. Plus, she shares memories of her ballet class with other famous child stars and speaks about her involvement in wildlife conservation.
The Hallmark Channel Original Movie "A Ring By Spring" premieres Saturday, March 8 at 7/6c on Hallmark Channel. Stefanie Powers is the founder and president of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation. Learn more at

2014 Oscar Fashion Recap with David Meister

2014 Oscar Fashion Recap with David Meister
Celebrity fashion designer David Meister rounds up the Oscar red carpet hits and misses. He points out what styles were trending and why he was hoping to see more risk takers. David also names his best and worst dressed leading ladies and how the men are stepping it up a notch.
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Cristina Cooks Granny McGibbon's German Pancakes

Cristina Cooks Granny McGibbon's German Pancakes
"Home & Family" prep chef Haley is kind enough to share her dear 96-year-old grandma's pancake recipe with Cristina. Granny McGibbon's German Pancakes calls for tons of powdered sugar and freshly squeezed lemon. Haley explains why it's her family's tradition to serve before Lent as a final indulgence. Get more details on Chef Beau MacMillan's blueberry pancakes at

Spring Clean Your Bedtime Routine with Kym Douglas

Spring Clean Your Bedtime Routine with Kym Douglas
It's time to hit the sack with Kym Douglas! She's telling us how to hit the snooze button on insomnia. Kym explains why the thread count of your linen is important. Plus, she suggests following a winding down routine, turning electronics off at bedtime, keeping pets off your mattress, and a DIY snoring remedy.
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Parker Young

Actor Parker Young describes the brotherly bond he formed with co-stars during basic training for "Enlisted." He explains the mental discipline it takes to survive bootcamp and the proper military code he follows. Parker also talks about the life lessons he's learned from his real brother. "Enlisted" airs Fridays at 9/8c on FOX.

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Antioxidants 101 with Sophie Uliano

What is an oxidant? Why are we fighting them? Sophie has the answers to these key questions as she demonstrates the process of oxidization. Furthermore, she explains why it's best to get antioxidants through food rather than supplements. She also suggests which foods to buy organic to avoid the "dirty dozen list" of produce items that are most heavily sprayed with pesticides. Foods plus their orac values:
Prunes - 8,000
Blueberries (organic) - 9,600 Kale - 1,800 Spinach (organic) - 1,687 Pecan Nuts - 17,940 Go to to find the antioxidant levels of your favorite health foods.

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Twitter: @sophieuliano

Non-Drug Approach to Depression with Dr. David Burns

Psychiatrist and "Feeling Good" author Dr. David Burns, MD elaborates on the five symptoms of depression and how anxiety differs. He admits that there is no conclusive research to determine whether genetic versus environmental influence puts people at greater risk for developing depression. Dr. Burns describes why he practices cognitive therapy with his patients to teach the power of positive thinking. Learn more about Dr. David Burns at

Grow Potatoes in a Bag with Shirley Bovshow

Shirley Bovshow is here to teach us to grow potatoes indoors. She explains how to select and plant potato seeds in a bag. and follow her on Twitter @FoodieGardeners.

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