Brooke Elliott

Brooke Elliott
" Drop Dead Diva" star Brooke Elliott thanks the devoted fans for the outpouring of support to convince Lifetime to renew the series for its fifth season. She discusses the audition process for the role and how she developed her character's personality and image. Plus, we show a clip to preview what Brooke's character Jane Bingum has in store in an upcoming episode. Performing on Broadway is another love of Brooke's. Later, the actress tells Cristina and Mark the part Rosie O'Donnell played in her debut on the Great White Way.

Tune in for the season five premiere of "Drop Dead Diva" on June 23 at 9/8c on Lifetime.

The Lennon Sisters Performance

The Lennon Sisters
The Lennon Sisters trio of Kathy, Janet, and Mimi Lennon speak about growing up in showbiz and just how large their musical family has expanded to be. As children, the group was discovered by Lawrence Welk and earned attention as regular guests on his show. You're in for a treat as these three women harmonize throughout today's "Home & Family." They sing such hits as "Sugartime" and even a popular Christmas carol.

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The Lennon Sisters will be participating in the 3rd Annual Lennon Family Charity Event and Fundraiser on Friday and Saturday, June 21 and 22 at the Historic Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club. The benefit will be raising money and awareness for, Susan Love Research Foundation, B.R.A.I.N., and the Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club. Tickets are available at

Also, The Lennon Sisters are scheduled to join forces this holiday season with another legendary musical family, The Osmonds! You can catch them at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson, Missouri from November 1 - December 7, 2013. Tickets are available at

Dr. Su Sachar, MD
Gastroenterologist Dr. Su Sachar, MD discusses causes and remedies for heartburn. She explains that this pain and discomfort is caused by acid in the stomach splashing back up to the esophagus. Common triggers include coffee, alcohol, citrus fruits, tea, anything tomato based, caffeine, carbonated beverages, peppermint, smoking, weight gain, and pregnancy. Wearing tight clothing can even contribute. To treat heartburn symptoms, first try over-the-counter remedies such as baking soda (unless you have blood pressure issues), apple cider vinegar, or aloe vera. If that doesn't work, give antacids (Mylanta or Tums) or histamine blockers (Pepcid, Zantac, Prilosec, or Prevacid) a try. As a last resort, take stronger proton pump inhibitors. If symptoms persist for two weeks after trying these above remedies, Dr. Su Sachar advises you to consult your personal physician.

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Mark's DIY Glass Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

Mark's DIY Glass Bottle Hummingbird Feeders
Mark shares some interesting hummingbird trivia before demonstrating how to build a feeder using a glass bottle and a cork feeder tube, which can be purchased inexpensively at a specialty gardening store. Before committing to hanging this in your yard, please keep in mind that hummingbirds will return, so make sure you continue to fill it with fresh, clean sugar water. Sugar water will grow mold and yeast, so it is essential to keep it fresh. The hotter the temperature outside, the more often you'll have to change the water. Mark suggests putting the date on a popsicle stick as a reminder.

Gigi Pascual
The Buttermilk Truck owner and founder Gigi Pascual parks herself in the "Home & Family" kitchen to make her signature red velvet pancakes. The not-so-secret ingredient in her food truck's pancakes, donuts, and waffles is buttermilk. You can even add chocolate chips to your pancakes and top them off with cream cheese butter (the recipe is on the can of mix). or visit Sur La Table, Bristol Farms, and Surfas.

Tracy Metro's DIY Lemonade Stand

Tracy Metro's DIY Lemonade Stand
Lifestylist Tracy Metro builds an adorable full-service lemonade stand to offer a refreshing drink on a hot summer day and a menu full of lemon-flavored snacks.

The Wedding Series: Veils and Headpieces

The Wedding Series: Veils and Headpieces
"Home & Family's" bride-to-be Gabi Kiss is adding to her special wedding day look with a veil and jewel encrusted headpiece. Amanda Judge of Untamed Petals Bridal reviews several options and discusses the decreasing popularity of brides walking down this aisle with a blusher, which is the veil that covers their face. Wedding consultant Kristin Banta adds that it's important to incorporate the bride's signature style. The two women gift Gabi the veil and headpiece of her choosing.

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