McKenzie Westmore

McKenzie Westmore
Host McKenzie Westmore tells us how she blindsided contestants on the season premiere of "Face Off" with a new twist. Much to their surprise, there was one final audition before officially making the cut. McKenzie takes us through the long process of having special effects makeup applied and removed. She's personally transformed into Medusa, an ice queen, and more. The actress takes us through her long Hollywood resume and her interesting family tree. Plus, find out all the details of McKenzie's Christmas proposal and how she met her handsome husband-to-be.
Season 7 of "Face Off" airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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Grilled Peach and Burrata Sandwich with Pesto

Cristina Cooks Knife & Fork Grilled Peach and Burrata Sandwich with Minted Arugula Pesto
Get your utensils ready for Cristina's knife and fork grilled peach and burrata sandwich with minted arugula pesto. She shares her love of ripe grilled peaches and all the ways she enjoys them from ice cream to fresh fish to chicken. Plus, if the peaches are carmelized, it brings out the natural sugar. Then, Cristina demonstrates how to make the pesto in a food processor.

DIY Statement Rings with Jessie Jane

Statement rings are always in style. Jessie Jane is here to show us how to rock out our fingers for only a few bucks. She explains the meaning behind the different stones and demonstrates how to wrap gold wire around the rock for embellishment. and Facebook.

Steve Byrne

Actor and comedian Steve Byrne explains how longtime friend Vince Vaughn encouraged him to write a script based off of his real life. This effort has gone on to become the hit TV show "Sullivan & Son." Steve reveals that the series was originally set in a diner before switching to a bar backdrop instead. Find out why he decided to go back to college and learn about the support his parents have given him over the years. Keep your eyes peeled for a special cameo from mom and pop Byrne in a recent episode of "Sullivan & Son." "Sullivan & Son" airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TBS.

"Champion" is available on Netflix.

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Zookeeper Rick Schwartz shows off Burley!

San Diego Zoo's Rick Schwartz
Zookeeper Rick Schwartz brings along furry and scaley friends today to awe us. Fall in love with this special ambassador koala and learn all about the species' eating and sleeping habits. Find out how a black throated monitor uses its tongue to sense its surroundings. Get introduced to the very leggy millipede and the purpose of its antennae. Rick also educates us on the kinkajou's important role in the rainforest's ecosystem. Listen to the 411 on the peregrine falcon's unique characterists and meet North America's only native marsupial, the opossum. Later, Rick cradles an absolutely adorable baby kangaroo.
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DIY Pebble Vases with Ken Wingard

DIY Pebble Vases with Ken Wingard
Ken Wingard transforms simple tin cans and Pringles cans into artistic pebble vases. He teaches us how coat a cardboard box with rubber coating to make it water resistant for when we fill it with a bouquet of flowers. Then, he glues rocks on one by one, leaving space in between the stones to fill in with grout. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Jeanette Pavini Saves Money on Summer Groceries

How to Save Money on Summer Groceries with Jeanette Pavini
Consumer savings expert Jeanette Pavini informs us as to why consumers spend so much money on food during the summer. Next to the holidays, it is the most expensive time of the year. She teaches us tricks to slash the total of our grocery bills by building our family's weekly menu off of sale items in addition to combining coupons on top of already reduced prices. Jeanette also advises shoppers to pay with cash to be more conscious of their spending habits. When you're out and about doing activities, she recommends packing homemade sandwhiches instead of overpaying to eat at restaurants and food courts. Plus, learn how social media can save you money and take advantage of rainchecks if the supermarket it out of a sale item. And, some big box discount stores welcome customers to buy alcohol and prescriptions without an annual membership fee. Savings starts now!
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DIY Lace Princess Crowns with Tanya Memme

Big and little girls alike dream of being a princess for a day. Bring this fairy tale to life with Tanya Memme's DIY lace princess crowns. Give your toddler in a tiara the royal treatment with the crown jewels atop her tiny head. @Tanya_Memme. Also, visit her on Facebook and check out

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