Actress Sarah Rafferty
From the USA drama " Suits," actress Sarah Rafferty joins the show today! Ahead of "Suits"' 3rd season premiere tonight, Sarah talks with Mark & Cristina about being a working mom and taking her family on set. Plus, Sarah answers questions from "Home & Family" viewers!

"Suits" airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

Ken Wingard - DIY Citronella Candles

Ken Wingard - DIY Citronella Candles
Nothing can ruin a beautiful warm summer night like swarms of bugs biting you and your family. So today, lifestyle expert Ken Wingard shares a great DIY Citronella Candle craft! Made with fruit peels and soy wax, Ken's citronella candle craft is totally green and safe for use around the entire family. or on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Chef Pati Jinich cooks up "Pambazos"

Chef Pati Jinich Cooks Pambazo
Host and author of " Pati's Mexican Table," Chef Pati Jinich joins "Home & Family" today. The former policy analyst turned Mexican food ambassador shares her recipe for Pambazo, an iconic Mexican sandwich. Pati's Pambazo combines Mexican Chorizo, potatoes, and refried beans, all of which are wrapped in a chili soaked roll!

Ask the Experts - Babysitter Roundtable
Today, Mark and Cristina welcome three young ladies to discuss what every parent should be looking for in a babysitter. From special training to sitter interviews, Madison Hunt, Charlotte Bachmann, and Torey Marks offer their years of experience to help better inform parents on picking the right babysitter. Plus, our expert panel takes questions from "Home & Family" viewers!

Kid Camping with Jill Simonian
Consumer reporter Jill Simonian stops by with some great tips and products to ensure a fun filled camping trip with the kids! Jill first explains how to test your kids to make sure they're ready to spend a night in the woods. Jill then walks through camping basics for kids, including some great tips on making outdoor bathroom facilities. And later, Jill shares tips on keeping everyone safe during the family campout!

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The Burrito Boyz

The Burrito Boyz
Three years ago, Michael Johnson, his son Alec, and his best friend Luke started Hunger 2 Help, a non-profit organization that worked to provide food, water, and comfort to the local homeless population. Twenty-thousand meals later, the team has grown to include five more teenagers who are now collectively known as The Burrito Boyz! Today, Mark & Cristina welcome Michael and the Burrito Boyz to talk about the amazing work they do to help San Diego's homeless population.

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Tracy Metro's Tips for Clean Uniforms!
Be it football, baseball, or cheerleading, your kids are almost certain to get their sports uniforms filthy! Grass stains, dirt, and blood can all make for a difficult time in the washer, but today, Tracy Metro has some tips to keep your kids' uniforms looking like new. and on Twitter @TracyMetro.

Mark's DIY Steamer Trunk Wine Bar
Today, Mark is sharing another trendy DIY home decor project. Building off the steamer trunk crafts he's already made, Mark demonstrates how to make a Steamer Trunk Wine Bar. Mark's wine bar will add a touch of class and sophistication to any room and as Mark explains, this project will cost you a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a similar wine bar.

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