Seamus & Juliana Dever
On screen and off screen romantic pair Seamus and Juliana Dever share their sweet love story. The lovebirds talk about auditioning for "Castle" and what it's like to work together as a married couple.
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Biggest Makeup Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

The Biggest Makeup Mistakes Women Over 40 Make
Kym Douglas shows you how to look your best later in life. She demonstrates how women over the age of 40 should apply concealer for an even complexion. Kym suggests to leave sparkles behind in your 30s and graduate on to more age-appropriate shimmer instead. for additional makeup tips.

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The Double Energy Twins

The Double Energy Twins
We get two for the price of one today when The Double Energy Twins Judi and Shari Zucker visit. Because they didn't like their mom's cooking, the sisters were inclined to learn their way around the kitchen at a young age. They've built their empire on developing allergy-free recipes. The Double Energy Twins explain why food allergies are on the rise and ingredients that should be substituted.
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Dr. JJ Levenstein's Remedies for Cold and Flu Symptoms
Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP is back with advice on how to treat cold and flu symptoms. She details over-the-counter remedies to alleviate post nasal drip, coughs, sore throats, and more. to learn more about parent's concerns with kids, go to her Facebook page at And, email her at

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Sophie Uliano Knits
Sophie Uliano shares her love of kitting warm scarves. She has a ball teaching us her knitting technique and explains the benefits of using big needles and thick yarn.

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Dating Advice from Marni Battista
Dating coach Marni Battista has a lesson for all those hopeless romantics looking to navigate the dating pool. By exuding power and feeling comfortable in your own skin, Marni tells women how they can date with dignity to find their perfect match. She explains what expectations both parties should have of a first date and the proper etiquette for following up. Then, some "Home & Family" producers discuss their D-Assessment results with Marni to determine their date-ability score.
Common Mistakes that Make Men Vanish:
1. Don't interview your date.
2. Don't talk negative about past relationships. 3. Men are attracted to women who are feminine, open, vulnerable, and able to receive. 4. Overtexting. Visit for more relationship advice.

Candace Cameron Bure on Balancing It All

Candace Cameron Bure
Actress and author Candace Cameron Bure returns to "Home & Family" to discuss her second book, "Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose." Married for 17 years to retired NHL player Valeri Bure, she discusses her decision to return to showbiz after staying home to raise their three children full-time for a decade. Today, the couple relies on technology to communicate as Candace juggles her busy acting career and responsibilities at home.
Since hanging up his skates, Valeri has found passion in producing Bure Family Wines in Napa Valley. Check out the label at

Candace recently starred in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Let It Snow." Don't forget to pick up "Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose," now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit for more with the former "Full House" star.

Wine Bottle Lamps with Tanya Memme

Wine Bottle Lamps with Tanya Memme
Raise your glass for Tanya Memme's DIY wine bottle lamps! She explains how to clean the wine bottle before painting it and how to drill a hole for the electrical cord without shattering the glass. This is a great way for wine aficionados to incorporate their passion into home decor.
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