Dr. Drew Pinsky
Dr. Drew Pinsky is here today to talk about a treatable and curable form of cancer that is prevalent among men: prostate cancer. Dr. Drew explains why he postponed surgery an entire two years after his initial diagnosis with the disease. He also forewarns men what risk factors to be aware of, such as genetics, age, and alcohol and tobacco use. Visit the Prostate Cancer Foundation at

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Fabio Viviani's Recipe for Lamb Chops with Orzo Pepper Salad
Chef Fabio Viviani returns to cook yet another lamb dish, this time with orzo pepper salad. He teaches us how to marinate the lamb chops for a flavorful taste that will appeal to dinner guests of all ages. For more information on the chef and to subscribe to his newsletter, "Fabio's Kitchen Academy," go to

Staying Happy in Heels with Kym Douglas

Keeping Your Feet Happy in Heels with Kym Douglas
Put your best foot forward and start your outfit from the ground up. Kym Douglas says it's all about the shoes and shows us that beauty doesn't have to hurt. Toss the phrase "no pain, no gain" out the window. Kym teaches us to break in shoes to avoid skin irritation. She also showcases innersoles that offer arch support. And, stand tall with heel lifts, available at

1. The average person takes 6,00-10,000 each day.
2. Scuff up the bottom of new shoes to prevent falling. 3. Water will help loosen up leather shoes. Stride on over to to find an insert to make your shoes not only bearable, but comfortable.

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Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz from San Diego Zoo
"Home & Family" is having a wild time with San Diego Zoo's Rick Schwartz. He brings along a whole bunch of furry friends. Come meet Britney "Spears" the porcupine! And while Rudolph and all his other reindeer friends are back at the North Pole preparing to take flight for Christmas, Olive lands in our yard to educate us on the species. And, learn all about camels, servals, chincillas, and more animals that thrive in the winter months. Later, Rick hops back in, cradling an adorable baby kangaroo in a pouch.
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Jessie Jane's DIY Peppermint Plates
Jessie Jane is really impressing Mark and Cristina with her clever crafts this holiday season and she continues to raise the bar she set for herself with these DIY peppermint plates. Using peppermints or other hard candy of your choice, design a pattern in a baking dish. The heat of the oven will mold the individual candies together into the shape of a plate.

Jeanette Pavini's Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays

Jeanette Pavini's Online Shopping Strategies for Saving Money
Two-time Emmy award winning consumer and investigative reporter Jeanette Pavini is helping us strategize our holiday shopping gameplan with a plethora of money-saving tips. Even though it's crunchtime, be a good consumer and shop wisely by taking advantage of store price adjustment policies. She also explains the best way to shop online and what traps to avoid. If you're feeling extra generous during the season of giving, Jeanette tells us about retailers that give back to charities with each purchase.

Sporty Gift Ideas with Jill Simonian
For all of you who have made a New Years resolution to get fit, Jill Simonian has just the apparel for you to break a sweat in style. From dryfit UV shirts to lightweight running shoes to odor absorbing shirts, there is fashionable workout wear for men and women alike. Add, add technology to your exercise regimen to monitor your daytime activity level and nighttime sleep pattern. Plus, strike a pose on a yoga matt and record your bike ride on a POV camera that attaches to your helmet.

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Sophie Uliano's Snow Globe Soaps

Sophie Uliano's DIY Snowglobe Soaps
Sophie's latest craft makes a great stocking stuffer or teacher's gift. Plus, it's easy enough for a 5-year-old to do. She teaches us how to make a wintery snowglobe inside a transparent block of soap.

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