(Original air date: Thursday, May 16th, 2013)
Ross Mathews

TV Personality Ross Mathews
Mark's back just in time to help Cristina welcome today's first guest, Ross Mathews! A fixture on the late-night talk show "Chelsea Lately," Ross chats about his big break as a "Tonight Show" intern and correspondent. Ross also talks about his new book "Man Up!," which he calls "a mission statement for anyone who doesn't fit the mold." And we couldn't let Ross leave without letting him to dish about his BFF Gwyneth Paltrow and his new talk show debuting this fall on E!.

Make sure you visit Ross Mathews at his website The series premiere of " Hello Ross" airs Friday, September 6 at 10/9c on E!.

You can get Ross's book, "Man Up!," online or in stores now!

Founder of Hot Girls Pearls Connie Sherman

Hot Girls Pearls Founder Connie Sherman
While seeking out the freezer for relief from hot flashes, Connie Sherman looked in front of her and got inspired. What started as a necklace made of plastic ice cubes evolved into the chic, stylish, and functional Hot Girls Pearls! Today, Connie shares her remarkable story and why her jewlery is not just for the ladies. Plus, in a "Home & Family" exclusive, Connie unveils her new Evening Cool-ection!
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Dr. Stephanie Marcy
Psychologist and Asst. Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Dr. Stephanie Marcy, leads an important conversation on broaching serious topics with your children. In light of recent headline-making tragedies, it's more important than ever to effectively put these events into a context that children can understand. Today, Dr. Stephanie offers tips on managing the information consumption of our kids and explains how we can teach our children to stay safe without scaring them.

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Waiters & Servers Roundtable
For a look behind the scenes at restaurant and fast food work, Mark & Cristina have invited some of LA's top waiters & servers. From dispelling some of the most popular server myths to the proper etiquette when tipping, today's guests pull back the curtain and give a bird's eye view of what it's like to work in our favorite restaurants!

Cristina Cooks Beet Salad

Cristina Cooks: Beet Salad
Today, Cristina shares a beautiful recipe for an LA favorite, beet salad! Fans of the show will remember that Cristina was hypnotized into liking beets and today, she proves the trick worked. Cristina's recipe is not only seasonally appropriate, but offers a gorgeous twist on beets.

The Home & Family Wedding Series - DIY Wedding Bag

The "Home & Family" Wedding Series
The "Home & Family" Wedding Series continues today with lifestyle expert Jessie Jane! In this installment, she shows bride-to-be Gabi how to create embossed DIY wedding bags. Jessie's wedding bags add a twist on the tradition of throwing rice, as the bags will be filled with pink roses to shower our bride and groom as they walk down the aisle!

The directions for the craft are on Jessie's site:

And, check out for more great craft tips from Jessie Jane!

Hot Flash Sale
If you suddenly notice your wallet running for the TV, it's probably a response to this week's Hot Flash Sale! Sandie Newton is back with another great collection of deeply discounted products. Today, Sandie has some great gift ideas for everyone from dads to your recent grads.
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