(Original air date: Monday, April 8th, 2013)

Karina Smirnoff
Season 13 Mirror Ball Champion Karina Smirnoff joins our family today! Karina shares her insights on the last seven years as one of " Dancing With the Stars'" top featured dancers. And, we learn what Karina really thinks about her NFL Champion partner, Jacoby Jones. And later, Karina turns up the heat in the kitchen and shares her recipe for Sweet Honey Muffins! Plus, you won't want to miss Karina teaching Mark some of her saucy ballroom dancing moves!

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Retired High School Football Coach Dee Quinet
Retired high school football coach Dee Quinet joins us to discuss the shocking video of the Rutgers Men's basketball coach abusing his players. The subsequent outrage resulted in the dismissal of the coach, but has also caused a national outrage about the entire situation. Coach Quinet offers insight on the situation from the perspective of a coach and a parent.

From, Jeanette Pavini savings expert Jeanette Pavini shows you how to buy a wardrobe for a family of four for only $400. Jeanette's savings tips amounted to a 65 piece wardrobe for next to nothing! Jeanette also offers her saving strategies for getting the most savings when shopping. Plus, Jeanette has some great tips on getting some serious savings on some great trendy looks for everyone in your family!

Gardening for Geeks
Christy Wilhelmi, author of " Gardening for Geeks," demonstrates how to easily install an at-home drip irrigation system. As Christy explains, drip irrigation consists of a system of tubing that allows you to efficiently deliver water to your plants at the soil level. The drip irrigation system is more efficient than watering with a hose or by hand, while still saving you time and money! Today, Christy walks through the step-by-step installation of the system and offers some simple tips to help you recreate the system at home!

Gardening for Geeks" and on her website,

Creative Calisthenics
Hovhannes Mkhitaryan from Barstarzz proves that you don't have to be a gymnast to learn creative calisthenics! Hovhannes, along with a few members of the Barstarzz team, show off their amazing moves from this fun and effective workout that’s sure to whip you into shape. And, as Hovhannes explains, regardless of your strength level, anyone can swing and dip themselves into amazing shape. Plus, you won't want to miss Mark flex the guns and go in for a round of creative calisthenics.

Author of the Cookbook "Robin Takes 5," Robin Miller
Queen of the the quick fix meal, Robin Miller is back on "Home & Family." Today, Robin shares a recipe for Potato Fanned Striped Bass with Red Pepper Pesto, Roasted Asparagus, and Shaved Parmesan. The title alone has 'wow factor', but today, Robin shows how you can impress your guests with this recipe while using minimal effort in the kitchen!

Cristina Crafts
Cristina shares a great idea for a DIY Mother's Day craft today! Using a terra-cotta pot and some fabric, Cristina shows how you can make a colorful and stylish planter. This simple craft makes a great gift or a creative project for your home & family!

Mark's DIY Stud Finder
Today, Mark shares some useful tips about stud finding. No, it's not a new reality show, but stud finding can save you a massive headache at home. Whether it's for hanging art or installing shelves, finding a wall stud is essential to safely securing fixtures to your wall. Mark also offers some great advice to help make sure your home hanging projects go right the first time!