Omar Von Muller & Jumpy the Dog
We all know and love Lassie, Beethoven, and Uggie. Now, meet Jumpy. Following the commands of Hollywood movie dog trainer Omar Von Muller, this 4½-year-old border collie/blue heeler mix demonstrates backflips and superb obedience skills. Omar insists that dogs can learn to understand hundreds of words and numbers through training techniques that include trust, patience, treats, rewards, and most importantly, repetition.
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Flowerpot Desserts with Jessie Jane

Flowerpot Desserts with Jessie Jane
Dessert is in full bloom this spring. Jessie Jane plants pound cake and ice cream in a lead-free terra cotta pot. Then, she crumbles Oreos to create edible soil. You can even add crushed coconut as grass and jelly beans as decoration. Then, Jessie inserts a straw through the center to act as a stem for the flower growing out of your decadent dessert. and Facebook.

Fancy Sweatpants with Debbie Matenopoulos

During New York Fashion Week, models strutted their stuff down the runway not only in high-end couture, but also in fashionable sweatpants. Debbie Matenopoulos tells us how to hop on the bandwagon of this comfy style. She explains the dos and don'ts of what's acceptable to hit the streets wearing. All looks available for under $100 at,, and

Follow TV personality and style expert Debbie Matenopoulos on Twitter @IAmDebbieM. Her first cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me," will be available in stores on April 28.

ZOOM interiors Media Room Makeover Reveal

ZOOM interiors Reveal
ZOOM interiors, LLC co-founders Madeline Foster, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, and Lizzie Grover have given the "Home & Family" media room a complete facelift on a tight budget! The ladies take us through their design process from changing the wall color to adding furniture pieces and custom artwork to DIY refurbishing projects. They share time lapse video to show us each step along the way until completing the spring-inspired finished product. The ZOOM girls also explain how they learn about their clients' taste through a survey and by examining their Pinterest pages.
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Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger has stepped out of the shadows of her famous parents, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and into the spotlight. She's making a name for herself as an activist and author of "I Just Graduated…Now What?" to help guide recent college graduates transition from university life to launching a career. Katherine credits her mom and dad for passing along many life lessons, such as trusting her gut, reaching for the stars, and pressing the pause button. By interviewing a long list of successful people, she's also gathered valuable wisdom to accept failure and pave her own path. As Katherine finds her own way, she advises other 20-somethings fresh out of college to pursue their passion so it never really feels like work. Katherine's book, "I Just Graduated…Now What?," is available now. Follow her on Twitter @kschwarzenegger and visit

Entrepreneur Roundtable

Madeline Fraser, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and Alex Thomopoulos gather on the couch with Mark and Cristina to offer advice to other young entrepreneurs. While feeling fortunate to come from supportive families, these three young women say it was their work ethic that got them to where they are today, and nothing was handed to them on a silver platter. They criticize the sense of entitlement of today's generation and discuss the patience it takes for careers to slowly progress in the tough economy. Madeline, Katherine, and Alex each share how they turned an idea into a booming business.

Vietnamese Whole Fish with Coconut Rice

Alex Thomopoulos Cooks Vietnamese Whole Fish with Coconut Rice
Alex Thomopoulos, chef and host of "Gluten Free with Alex T," puts Katherine Schwarzenegger's limited kitchen skills to the test with a simple dinner to impress friends and family. Alex cooks a Vietnamese whole fish with coconut rice in a sauce that adds an earthy tone to the snapper. She explains what to look for when purchasing a whole fish from the butcher and why cooking on the bone brings out the flavor.

DIY Flavored Salts with Sophie Uliano

DIY Flavored Salts with Sophie Uliano
Take this with a grain of salt! Sophie Uliano clears up misconceptions involving salt. She discusses a variety of healthy sea salt options to add flavor to your food. Then, Sophie shares her homemade salt recipe.
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