Who Let the Dogs Out
From the Hallmark Channel hit series, "Who Let the Dogs Out," Tillman the skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding bulldog is on the show today! Tillman was kind enough to bring along the musical host of "Who Let the Dogs Out," John Fulton, to talk with Mark and Cristina. John shares how he, being allergic to cats and dogs, got the gig hosting "Who Let the Dogs Out." Plus, Tillman's trainer, Ron Davis, joins the show to talk about how he helped train Tillman to become the world's premiere skateboarding dog! And later, Tillman's four-legged friends Rose and Sully stop by and show off their balloon popping skills.
You can watch Tillman and all the other amazing dogs on "Who Let the Dogs Out," Fridays on Hallmark Channel.

Michael Somerville
Comedian and relationship guru Michael Somerville is back today! This is Michael's last stop before he heads out on tour, so we made sure to get him some great viewer relationship questions. The laughs keep rolling as Michael shares his own take on relationship do's and don'ts. Plus, Cristina, Mark, and the Home & Family team have a special going away gift for Michael!

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Dr. Holly Lucille
Dr. Holly Lucille stops by with advice on living a healthy and wealthy life by investing in your 'health account.' Dr. Lucille uses a finance analogy to explain how your overall health can be viewed as a series of deposits and withdrawals. In the same way we manage financial debt by making more deposits than withdrawals, Dr. Lucille explains how over time, making healthy choices adds up to significant 'health deposits.' And Dr. Lucille is not talking about major life changes but instead she suggests starting with simple 'health deposits' like staying hydrated or taking time to relax. Big or small, Dr. Lucille explains how we can accrue more 'health deposits' to mitigate those inevitable 'health withdrawals.'

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Cristina Cooks
Today Cristina is going to answer that age old question, "What do balloons and chocolate have in common?" If you're stumped then you need to check out Cristina's fantastic dessert recipes for our special Home & Family baby shower! Among Cristina's confection collection today is an edible chocolate bowl made with a balloon! Cristina's menu also includes cake pop baby rattles and a chocolate mousse-like pot de creme!

"Hints From Heloise"
Since 1961, " Hints From Heloise" has appeared in newspapers around the country and currently runs seven days a week in more than 500 newspapers around the world. And, while the original Heloise has passed, her daughter continues writing the column providing advice to thousands. Today Mark and Cristina chat with 'Heloise' about carrying on her mother's legacy and about what's changed in the more than fifty years of dispensing advice. And later, Heloise gives some great household tips on things from getting water out of a cell phone to cleaning a kangaroo mess out of a carpet!

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Mom Corps
For many women, transitioning back into the workforce after being a full-time mom can be a daunting challenge. After extended time out of the workforce, many moms feel as though their skill set may no longer be relevant or that they may not be able to find an acceptable work life balance. While these feelings are common, the team at Mom Corps has developed a staffing network that works to help moms effectively transition back into meaningful work. Today, owner of Mom Corps LA joins the show, Kate Pletcher to explain how Mom Corps works with women to identify transferrable skills that many moms gain while outside of the professional world. Kate is also joined by Debby Berman, a former stay-at-home mom who just recently used Mom Corps to return to the workforce in a new and gratifying career.

Jessie Jane
DIY craft expert Jessie Jane is back making some of the final pieces for our Home & Family baby shower! Today, Jessie shoes how to "give away dirt" by creating a personal sized herb planter. Jessie's functional baby shower favors are unique and creative and can also function as place settings.

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