(Original air date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2013)
Interview with Actress Rachael Leigh Cook

From TNT's "Perception," actress Rachael Leigh Cook
From TNT's hit drama " Perception," actress Rachael Leigh Cook joins the family today! Rachael chats with Mark & Cristina about first meeting her husband, "Vampire Diaries" star Daniel Gillies. And, Rachael opens up about working while pregnant with her first child!

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MTV VJ Martha Quinn

MTV VJ Martha Quinn
In 1981 Martha Quinn landed one of the coolest jobs ever! Just out of college, Martha scored a hosting job at the fledgling TV network called MTV. Decades later, Martha and MTV are part of pop culture history! Today, Martha shares how she became one of the first VJ's at MTV and she shares some of her favorite memories from the storied music video revolution!

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The Botox Alternative with RN Rand Rusher
Facial fillers have come a long way since Botox first hit the market more than 20 years ago. Today, registered nurse Rand Rusher stops by to discuss a Botox alternative called Xeomin. Containing fewer of the botulism proteins found in Botox, Xeomin represents the latest breakthrough in removing unwanted facial lines. Today, Rand, along with one of his patients, discuss how Xeomin works and offers important information for anyone considering a facial filling procedure.

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Tween Home Safety with Jill Simonian

Tween Home Safety with Jill Simonian
While most parents have baby-proofing down to a science, a home full of tweens presents an entirely different list of potential dangers. Today, consumer reporter and FabMom Jill Simonian stops by with some useful tips and products to keep your tweens safer at home. And, with your kids out of school for the summer, Jill's tips are a great way to give you some peace of mind.

Cristina Cooks - Crostini's
Today, Cristina shares a unique summer recipe incorporating her favorite summer fruit, peaches! Served as an appetizer, a crostini combines peaches, tomatoes, and mozzarella, all served atop a fresh baguette. This quick and simple recipe is a prefect summer treat, blending the flavors of fresh summer peaches and tomatoes.
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Shirley Bovshow - Heat Wave Gardening

Shirley Bovshow
With heat waves stretching across the nation, garden designer Shirley Bovshow is back with tips to help keep your plants safe in the heat. Shirley's tips are simple and cost effective ways to provide shade, nutrition, and moisture in the warm weather. And, Shirley debunks some common garden mistakes that may make the heatwave worse for your plants.

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Anya Sarre's Diaper Bag Trends
Style and trend expert and new mom Anya Sarre stops by with tips on making a diaper bag both trendy and functional! Plus, Anya's baby bag fashion tips include something for dads as well! And later, Anya shares some healthy and eco-friendly products to help fill your diaper bag.

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Mark's DIY Pallet Bench
Mark's back in the garage today making more furniture from leftover moving pallets. You can probably pick up a palette or two for free at any big box store and, once you do, you'll be on your way to creating Mark's DIY Pallet Bench.
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