Tamara Taylor

Actress Tamara Taylor describes the grossest scene she's encountered on "Bones." Find out how she memorizes complicated jargon in her dialogue and how she relies on specialists standing by on set. Tamara reveals her character was actually supposed to be killed off the series, but things were going so well, they decided to keep her on and have amped up the romance with a love interest. Plus, learn about her love of comic books and meeting a bird-eating spider.

"Bones" airs Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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Chef Brendan Collins' Shepherd's Pie with Buttered Baby Vegetables
Owner of Waterloo & City Restaurant, Chef Brendan Collins cooks shepherd's pie with nice, lean lamb. He suggests starting with the onion family when adding vegetables and uses tomato paste to give the dish added depth of taste. Then, he spreads mashed potatoes across the top of the meat and veggies.

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Quick Fixes to Get Ready in the Morning with Sadie Murray

Not everyone is as lucky to wake up as flawless as Beyonce. Fashion and lifestyle expert Sadie Murray has quick fixes to rescue your look in the wee hours of the morning. Forget to wash your face before going to bed? Learn how to freshen up yesterday's makeup with Vaseline. Use this mask to fill in lines and wrinkles on your face. Straighten the kink in your hair from sleeping with a ponytail. And, blur blemishes with this skin protector.


  • John Frieda Hot Air Brush, available online or at drugstores, starting at $29.99
  • MicroBlur Skin Perfector,, $35
  • Bamboo Smooth Oil Mist, from Alterna Hair Care,
  •, 3 masks for $74

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Lynn Holly Johnson
Golden Globe nominated actress Lynn Holly Johnson glides into "Home & Family." The "Ice Castles" star nearly had her life shatterd by she suffered a major stroke in 2010 while flying from FL to Orange County. Tests revealed she inherited a genetic hole in her heart. She is here today to raise awareness of this prevalent, often undiagnosed condition. Hear Lynn's remarkable story of recovery and why she left acting behind for her almost 20 year marriage.

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DIY Friendship Key Fobs with Ken Wingard
Ken Wingard uses the concept of a charm bracelet by turning it into a keychain that can be used everyday. Find out what hardware is needed for this project. Personalize it with photos, initials, lockets, and big signiture pieces.

What materials do we need?

Key chain, jewelry/split ring (or a pre-made chain), needle-nose pliers, charms

Where can we get the charms?

You can get tons of charms at your local craft store or scour an antique jewelry store for little trinkets to attach. Another thing you can use is de-partnered jewelry. We've all lost one earring or cufflink and yet still held onto one remaining half because of its sentimental value. Take that earring or cufflink and attach it to the chain for a meaningful charm.

How do we make these?

Open the jump chain and attach onto split chain, add a charm, and use needle nose pliers to close.

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Dr. JJ Levenstein Cooks Pepita Cranberry Whole Grain Artisan Bread
Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP steps out of the exam room and into the kitchen for a change. Much to our surprise, in addition to medical school, Dr. JJ also went to culinary school to study pastries and even took a class with the esteemed Julia Child. She learned that, much like in medicine, precision and chemistry are involved. The first item she purchased was a scale to measure exact quantities of ingredients. Today, she shares her recipes for cranberry pumpkin seed artisan bread and roasted pumpkin butter. Learn how to make and store a starter.

Find her cranberry pumpkin seed artisan bread recipe here>>

Find her roasted pumpkin butter recipe here>>

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Take parenting classes instructed by Dr. Levenstein online by visiting To learn more about parents' concerns with kids go to her Facebook page at Also, find helpful parenting products at the website Dr. Levenstein co-founded and serves as president of,

Daria Matza
To film her documentary "Rise of the Giants," producer Daria Matza followed twelve pumpkin growers from Napa and Utah. Lucky, one of the farmers she highlights broke the record for the world's largest pumpkin, weighing in at 2,032 pounds. To put it in perspective, this is the size of a small car! Pumpkins of this size can even be emptied and used as a row boat. Find out how these enormous pumpkins are transported and their fast growth rate of 53 pounds in just one day alone.

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Growing a Giant Pumpkin with Shirley Bovshow

It's all in the genes! That's what Shirley Bovshow says about the trick to growing a giant size pumpkin. Plant a seed from this year's winner and with the best soil and proper nurturing and fertilization, you will be well on your way to making the record books next fall.

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Hollywood Steals

Get your wallet out for this week's Hollywood Steals. Sandie Newton anticipates these colorful vegan purses will sell out at a rate of $39. Hollywood meets Bollywood for this 5-piece set of jewelry at $29.50. Keep your pet's food safe and fresh in a motion-sensored bowl for $49.99. Back by popular demand, keep track of time with these water-resistant watches for $59. And, get your beauty rest on these Luxor Linens memory foam pillows, selling between $49.99-$59.99.

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DIY Flower Sconce with Cristina Ferrare

Cristina Ferrare designs beautiful season wall sconces for Halloween, fall, or Thanksgiving. This hanging decor can really enchance a room. It can be embellished with sea shells, rocks, leaves, or more, depending on the theme you're trying to achieve.

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Items you'll need:

  • sconce
  • faux flowers/leaves
  • foam
  • embellishments
  • hot glue


  1. Hot glue your leaves around the base of the sconce.
  2. Add foam inside scone as a way for your flowers/embellishments to stay put.
  3. The next step is adding your embellishments/faux flowers/twine etc.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Best Friends Animal Society is teaming up with Hallmark Channel! This kicks off our "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month." Every day for the month of October we'll be having a furry friend here on set that is up for adoption.

Visit our gallery of dogs available for adoption today, courtesy of Best Friends!

To donate, adopt one of our shelter dogs of the day, or for more information on adoptable animals in your local communities, visit or contact Best Friends Animal Society at (818) 643-3989. We also invite you to visit and

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