Catherine Bell
From the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "The Good Witch's Destiny," actress Catherine Bell rides her broomstick to "Home & Family" to talk about the sixth installment to the hit film series. She elaborates on how the ongoing story is advancing and why audiences connect so well to its family-friendly plotline. Catherine also chats about her decision to leave UCLA to pursue her dream of modeling and acting. Now, Catherine prides herself in being an active mom, able to balance filming on location and being home with her kids.
Tune in for "The Good Witch's Destiny" world premiere on Saturday, October 26 at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.

Jessie Jane's Fairytale Tablescape

Jessie Jane's Fairytale Tablescape
Jessie Jane lets her hair down as Rapunzel and takes us on a journey down the rabbit hole for a fairytale tea party. This beautiful tablescape is perfect decor for a bridal or baby shower or a birthday celebration. She spray paints pumpkins silver, uses tulle as a table skirt, and hangs a "Once Upon a Time" banner. We invite you to be our guest!

Roasted Pumpkin Cheese Fondue

Cristina Cooks Roasted Pumpkin Cheese Fondue
Embodying the spirit of Glinda the Good Witch from "The Wizard of Oz," Cristina waves her wand to make a fun and festive fondue using a hollow pumpkin. She puts toasted bread in the bottom of the pumpkin, so cheese doesn't ooze out while baking. Then, she mixes champagne with chicken broth and pours spoonfuls into the pumpkin. Cristina adds a layer of a 3-cheese blend to top it off. The kitchen counter also features other haunted treats, such as black caramel apples for the Evil Witch and a special dragon creation.

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Fairytale Pumpkin Terrariums with Ken Wingard

Fairytale Pumpkin Terrariums with Ken Wingard
Dressed as Tweedledee, Ken Wingard paints and carves a round pumpkin to look like Cinderella's majestic carriage. He then challenges all the family members to create a fairytale scene inside their team's pumpkins. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard. Tune in to " Home Made Simple" on OWN on Saturdays at 9a/8c.

Halloween Nails with Katie Cazorla
Skip down the Yellow Brick Road with celebrity nail expert Katie Cazorla. She melts our hearts as the Wicked Witch of the West with her black bewitching manicure. She casts a friendly spell on Glinda the Good Witch, prettifying her nails with Swarovski crystals and extra embellishment from an easy-to-use kit. She also discusses a LED nail drying system that doesn't use harmful UV rays.

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What's a Damsel to Do?
All the family members gather on the couch for a head-scratching game of "What's a Damsel to Do?" Mark reads each lady a scenario with multiple choice responses on how they'd react in that particular situation. Then, they reveal what they would do if they were in fact a damsel in distress.
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Hollywood Steals with Sandie Newton
Don't be late for this very important date with Sandie Newton, dressed as Alice in Wonderland. You won't want to lose the chance at these reduced prices of up to 73% off. Bundle up in designer coats this winter season. And, get your beauty rest on luxury linens fit for a prince or princess. When your Prince Charming takes you on a getaway, travel in style with this fashionable carry-on roller bag. Also, don't go empty handed to your friend's holiday party this year. Plus a set of serving utensils make an excellent hostess gift.
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Princess & Pea Cookies
Jessie Jane has another mystical project today, making a plush cookie cake bed reminiscent of the "Princess & the Pea" fable. She builds a headboard and footboard to frame the layer cake that acts as the mattress. Then, Jessie creats a blanket and pillow out of a sheet of fondant. Lastly, tuck a hidden pea into the bottom layer to see if the princess can detect the bump. Sweet dreams!

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Sophie Uliano Makes Bath Bombs
Natural lifestyle expert Sophie Uliano teaches us how to add fizz to our relaxing bath using citric acid as an ingredient. This glittering bath bomb has a soothing aroma and also promises to moisturize your skin.
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Mark Learns to Fence

Fencing Demonstration
Mark, a.k.a. The Royal Steines, becomes a knight in shining armor as he learns to defend his princess in the enchanted forest. Fencing experts and teachers Michael D'Asaro and Forrest McDougall teach Mark the basic strategy of the sport. They also share stories of preparing actor Viggo Mortensen for battle before filming "The Lord of the Rings."
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