Taylor Hicks Cooks Jalape ñ o Poppers
"American Idol" winner turned Vegas performer and Saw's Juke Joint owner Taylor Hicks is joined in the kitchen by "Taste of Home" Editor-in-Chief Catherine Cassidy to make the deep fried jalape ñ o poppers recipe he submitted to the magazine. This comfort food, subsequently published in the cookbook "Recipes Across America," gives jalape ñ o poppers a Southern twist by filling them with bbq sauce and cheese. They also mix together a white bbq sauce recipe provided by Sabrina Everett of Thomasville, GA. Later, Taylor and Catherine showcase a gooey mac & cheese dish he refers to as "tin can garbage mac & cheese."
Tip: Always wear gloves when seeding jalape ñ o.

Find Taylor's jalape ñ

For more with "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks, visit If you find yourself in Birmingham, Alabama, check out Taylor's restuarant Saw's Juke Joint for great barbeque fare.

Forcing Paperwhites to Bloom by Christmas with Ken Wingard
Ken Wingard fills the house with the sweet fragrance of paperwhites. He teaches us to force them to bloom in the winter by placing bulbs in a bed of rocks with a little water. Just 2-6 weeks after planting, your paperwhites will blossom just in time for the holidays. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Dr. Jennifer Berman Demystifies Menopause
Urologist and co-host of "The Doctors" Dr. Jennifer Berman educates us on how the symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause differ. She explains why the change in hormone levels disrupt body temperature, causing hot flashes. Dr. Berman comes equipped with tools to help alleviate symptoms with natural treatments, prescriptions, and certain foods. To help you through this transitionary period, it's important to communicate with your partner. Please consult with your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you.
1. Symptoms include hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and mood swings.
2. Hormone replacement therapy is the standard treatment. 3. Brisdelle is the first non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes approved by the FDA. 4. Eating food rich in antioxidants can help ease symptons. Watch " The Doctors" weekdays. Check your local listings. And, follow Dr. Jennifer Berman on Twitter @JenBermanMD.

Cristina's Holiday Decorative DIY
Deck the walls! Get creative with wrapping paper this Christmas by turning your framed photos into holiday decorations. Cristina wraps all the hanging portraits and artwork in the "Home & Family" house like gifts. Adorn each present with a ribbon and bow and embellish with floral garnishings.

Taking Care of Aging Relatives with Cathy Lee Crosby
Author, actress, and producer Cathy Lee Crosby took a seven year hiatus from hollywood to care for her dying aunt and uncle, as she promised she would. She shares the joys and challenges of assisting her dear family during their final years. The experience taught Cathy Lee a lot about herself. Now, she is excited to return to Hollywood to build a new film studio.
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Minimizing Holiday Threats to Your Pets
Veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart, DVM and dog trainer and animal behavior expert Victoria Stilwell share tips to keep your dogs safe this holiday season. When entertaining guests at your home, designate a safe zone your pet can go to escape the chaos. The stress of an overly stimulated environment can provoke a normally friendly dog to bite. Dr. Stewart also notes that he sees an increase in ER visits during the holidays. Victoria recommends soothing your dog with iCalmDog for frequency modulation that cuts out high frequency of music.
1. Move your pet's bed to a low traffic area so they can "den."
2. Keep your doors closed and know where your pets are at all times so they don't escape. 3. iCalmDog can help with separation anxiety. ( $79.95)
4. Don't let dogs eat M.O.M.: Macadamia, onion, mushroom or G.A.N.G-X: Grapes, avocado, nutmeg, garlic, and xylitol.
5. Don't feed your dog food from the table. 6. Dogs overeating can lead to pancreatitis. 7. Cats suffer more than dogs when the home dynamic changes. 8. Poinsettias are poisonous to animals, but not fatal. Mistletoe and Holly are more toxic and would require you to rush your pet to the vet. Visit veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart, DVM at And, check out Victoria Stilwell at and follow her on Twitter @VictoriaS. Please go to and to learn about pet adoption.

Hollywood Steals
Sandie Newton has even more holiday gifts that will leave you with a little extra in your bank account. At 60% off, cross kids big and small off your list with this remote control car that spins 360 ° and changes colors for a mere $24. For tech enthusiasts, a messenger bag at 65% off and Isotoner smart touch gloves for only $15 will make their Christmas dreams come true. Transform your home into a holiday mecca with scented candles at a 60% savings and cozy up on the couch with warm holiday throw blankets, slashed by 70%.
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Kale with Sophie Uliano
The gorgeously green Sophie Uliano advocates the health benefits of kale, such as helping to fight cancer. Full of other nutrients as well, start your day off right with a kale smoothie and kale & apple spiced muffins. For an afternoon boost, Sophie prepares a lunchtime kale salad by chopping the leaves into ribbons.
Pinterest: GorgeouslyGreen
Twitter: @sophieuliano

Hallmark Cards
Stretch your hand in preparation for writing your long list of seasons greetings. Hallmark Gold Crown offers a wide selection of over 3,000 cards to choose from. Your friends and family will be proud to display these beautiful card designs on their mantle. So, get out your pen and start stuffing those envelopes!
Family Collection - individual cards from $4.99 Simply Christmas - Gold Crown Exclusive - $2.99/card Hallmark Signature Collection - $19.99/box Photo Cards - $13.99/box Boxed Holiday Cards - $14.99-$16.99/box All of these cards and more are available at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store.