Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars
For 15 Seasons Cheryl Burke has tripped the light fantastic on "Dancing with the Stars," and holds the distinction as the only pro to have captured the Mirror Ball trophy twice in a row. Today Cheryl joins Mark & Cristina to chat about the show and even give a look at some of the changes coming next season. Cheryl also answers some of your Facebook questions before fellow "DWTS" pal Mark Ballas Skypes into the show! And later, Cheryl & Mark sashay across the Home & Family stage while we learn about Cheryl's work to empower women.

Cheryl is joining year two of "The Great American Try On" by trying on Depend Silhouette for Women. Because she is participating, Depend will donate $50,000 to Dress for Success, an organization that inspires confidence in women by helping them with career development. To learn more and support Cheryl, people can visit and get a free sample. And, you can learn more about Dress for Success at

Cristina Cooks - Peach Cobbler
Break out the ice cream and get your cobbler on as Cristina shares her recipe for peach cobbler today! As the weather turns, fresh peaches are coming into season and that means it's time to start making this American favorite. Today Cristina shares a simple recipe for peach cobbler, complete with some great tips to make sure you get the picture perfect cobbler!

Shirley Bovshow's Compost Tips

DIY Composting with Shirley Bovshow
Garden designer and family member Shirley Bovshow stops by today to share tips on how to safely compost. Shirley's tips will help you be able to create a nutrient rich compost that will also add texture and improve moisture quality for your soil. Today Shirley explains what things you can and cannot compost, and offers important tips on properly layering and turning your compost to make sure you avoid any potential accidents.

Shirley Bovshow's Composting TIPS:
- An 18 Gallon sized plastic container is the perfect amount of space for your compost.
- Don’t compost fats, egg yolks, glossy paper or non-organic materials like plastic. And make sure you visit Shirley online at, for more great gardening tips and advice!

Hot Flash Sales
Shoppers get on your mark, get set, and shop this week's collection of Hot Flash Sale items, courtesy of our friend Sandie Newton. This week Sandie is helping everyone who's shopping for dads and grads with items from a new camcorder to a collection of limited sports prints. And just like always, all of our Hot Flash Sale items come at deeply discounted prices! Plus, proceeds from this week's sales will go to help support our friends at Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail!

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Space Warriors actor Thomas Horn

Thomas Horn, from the Hallmark Channel Original Movie Space Warriors
The star of the upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Space Warriors," Thomas Horn joins the family. Today Thomas shares how his big win on "Jeopardy" led to his big break in the Tom Hanks film, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.” Plus, Thomas gives a sneak peek at his upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, " Space Warriors", where Thomas plays Jimmy Hawkins, an aspiring astronaut who leads a team of misfits on a galactic rescue mission!

Be Sure To Catch "Space Warriors," Premiering Friday 05/31 on Hallmark Channel.

Mark's DIY Steampunk iPad Case

Mark's DIY Steampunk iPad Case
Inspired by the anachronistic technologies depicted by H.G. Wells & Jules Verne, steampunk has become a wildly popular artistic modern style. Just a few weeks ago, Mark showed how to create your own steampunk trunk desk, and today he's showing how to make a similar styled iPad case. Saving you hundreds on what you'd spend in a store, Mark's DIY steampunk iPad case is a simple piece that truly captures the steampunk style.

The UnStoppables
Joining Mark & Cristina with advice on overcoming entrepreneurial obstacles is author of "The UnStoppables," Bill Schley. Bill, along with collaborating author Graham Weston and new businessman Bill Seith share the insights that drove them to entrepreneurial success. Plus, Bill Seith, who's also a former Navy Seal, shares how he used the "The UnStoppables" to create a new and fulfilling business after leaving the service!

The New York Times Bestselling book is now available on Amazon, or local bookstores. For more information on the topic and author, visit

Visit Bill’s business website to see how he applied “UnStoppable” principles to start his own business after a career as a U.S. Navy Seal.