Actor & Comedian Adam Ferrara
Stand-up comedian and host of "Top Gear" on the History Channel, Adam Ferrara joins the family today! Adam talks to Mark & Cristina about making the transition to acting after 20 years as a stand-up comic. Plus, Adam opens up about playing Edie Falco's love interest on Showtime's "Nurse Jackie." And later, Adam steps into the kitchen and shares his own recipe for almond butter! and on twitter @AdamFerrara.

Catch Adam on " Nurse Jackie" on Sunday nights 9 pm on Showtime and Adam’s Comedy Special "Funny As Hell" is available now on DVD!

Strawberry and Cream Doughnuts from "World of Doughnuts" by Stephanie Rosenbaum

Food Writer & Author Stephanie Rosenbaum
Friday is National D oughnut Day and here to help us prepare is food writer and author of "World of Doughnuts," Stephanie Rosenbaum. While making homemade doughnuts for today's guests, Stephanie offers some great tips on making doughnuts at home. And, you'll be firing up the your own doughnut pan when you see Stephanie's own scrumptious recipe for Strawberry and Cream Doughnuts!

H&F Garden - Mulch & Paving Stones

Mark's DIY Garden Stepping Stones
Today we're are adding more finishing touches to the Home & Family Garden! Mark & Cristina worked all day installing paving stones, weed block, and mulch throughout the garden. Using paving stones makes working in the garden easier, providing a clean path through the soil, and using weed block and much will help prevent invasive weeds from taking over your garden!

Pet Communicator Gail Thackray
Pet Communicator and psychic medium Gail Thackray shares her unique talents with Home & Family today! As an top notch animal communicator, Gail helps pet owners understand their animals, solving strange behaviors, shedding light on health conditions, and even helping to find lost animals. Today Gail gives voice to the animal friends of the Home & Family team. Plus, Gail gives some tips on learning how to better communicate with our pets!

And, you can get a copy of Gail's book "How to Talk to Your Pets" on amazon at:

Hot Flash Sale
If you're craving more Hot Flash Sale items, Sandie Newton is about the become your best friend! In response to our huge viewer turnouts, we're extending this week's Hot Flash Sale through Sunday, giving you even more time to shop our great discoutned items! And the timing couldn't be more perfect, because this week's Hot Flash Sale items will set your wallet on fire! Anyone searching for bling will love Sandie's assortment of fine jewelry. And with graduation season in full swing, Sandie has some great gift ideas for the class of 2013.

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H&F Wedding Series - DIY Moss Letters

The Home & Family Wedding Series
Love is in the house today as family member Jessie Jane makes more decorations for thie big Home & Family wedding! Today Jessie shows how to make beautiful DIY Moss Letters. Super trendy and simple, Jessie's DIY Moss Letters will add a truly special element for Gabi & Charlie's wedding day photos!

And a special thanks to Hollywood Photo Booth! All of the Home & Family Weddings guests will be photographed with Jessie’s DIY moss letters!

"Money Smart" with Mary Kelly, PhD
Author of "Money Smart," Mary Kelly, PhD leads an important conversation on young people and saving money. Mary offers some important insights on why young people, and even some adults, don't save for the future. Mary also offers some important tips on teaching young people to live money smart and plan for retirement and beyond. And later, Mary takes some money questions from the younger members of the Home & Family team!

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