Engagement Ring Etiquette with Rachel DeAlto
He liked it, so he put a ring on it, but what happens when the wedding is called off? Relationship expert Rachel DeAlto explains under what circumstances it's acceptable for a woman to keep an engagement ring after the engagement is broken off and the terms when her ex should get possession of the bling. According to the court of law, if he pops the question on a holiday, birthday, or significant date, it's considered a gift, thus to be kept by the recipient. Then, the family members weight in with their opinions on this topic.
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Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans

Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans
Olympic Gold medalist and USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador Janet Evans has been in the water for as long as she can remember. With the Make a Splash Initiative, Janet is on a mission to get all children enrolled in formal and affordable swimming lessons in a valiant effort to reduce drowning statistics. It's never too early to start basic water safety practices. Today, Janet teaches two children how to hold their breath by blowing bubbles, how to kick, and how to float.
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DIY Kitchen Caddy with Jessie Jane

DIY Kitchen Caddy with Jessie Jane
Take advantage of the beautiful weather by eating outdoors. Jessie Jane builds a DIY kitchen caddy by gluing aluminum cans to a plank of wood. This makes it simple to carry utensils all barbecue and picnic season long. and Facebook.

Lyndon Smith

Lyndon Smith discusses the warm reception she received when joining the "Parenthood" cast. Then, she reveals what she learned from John Travolta on a film set. Lyndon also shares her theater roots. Next, the actress talks about her dad's passion for barbecuing and the herb garden she's growing. "Parenthood" airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC. Watch the season premiere on September 25.

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Fire Eater Chicken Wings with Steven Raichlen

Fire Eater Chicken Wings with Steven Raichlen
Best-selling cookbook author and TV host Steven Raichlen is luring guys out of the man cave and into the kitsch to make "man meals." Trained in Medieval cooking, Steven's guide offers dudes a culinary vocabulary lesson. Today, he shares his hot, hot, hot recipe for fire eater chicken wings that will set your mouth on fire! He also makes a Bloody Mary and tells us how beer keeps his Belgian Beer Brownies so moist.

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Doctor/Patient Email Etiquette with Dr. JJ Levenstein

Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP explains how email communication between a patient and physician can be efficient for simple things. Before corresponding via email exchange, Dr. Levenstein stresses the importance of inquiring about the office's policy. She details the proper way to format the email to provide your doctor with the necessary information to understand your question and reply sufficiently in a timely manner. Keep in mind that private topics sensitive in nature, such as test results, may be best to handle over the phone or in person. On the plus side, email offers both parties a paper trail of the conversation and also gives patients the advantage of referring to messages later. Plus, Dr. Levenstein discusses which kinds of conditions she can diagnose via an email consultation. Take parenting classes instructed by Dr. Levenstein online by visiting To learn more about parents' concerns with kids go to her Facebook page at Also, find helpful parenting products at the website Dr. Levenstein co-founded and serves as president of,

Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton shakes things up with this week's Hollywood Steals. First is a set of three Blender Bottles that contain a metal whisk inside to do all the mixing for you, coming in at only $18. As you shake, you can mix protein shakes, dressings, pancake mix, and soups and can even get froth for an iced frappuccino. For $18, get glare-free magnifying glasses to enjoy summer reading in daylight from Madison & Mulholland. Keep your snacks and beverages chilled in this two-piece insulated lunch tote perfect for the pool, beach, day camp, and more for $15. And, head off on your summer vacation with this $79 Travel Pro roller luggage that is the choice suitcase of flight attendants and pilots. To take advantage of Hollywood Steals and more, call 1-855-655-STEAL (1-855-655-7832) or visit

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Ask Jessie Jane

Jessie Jane responds to some handwritten fan mail from loyal followers who don't have access to a computer. Then, she answers questions from "Home & Family" viewers about her areas of expertise. Find out how Jessie decides to make a DIY version of some items that can be purchased in the store and what types of things she's okay splurging on. Then, take a peek inside Jessie's immaculate fridge. Next, find out how to store crafting ribbons without getting tangled and keep art supplies organized in mason jars. Plus, learn precisely why mod podge should be used only as a top coat.

Mercury Danger in Seafood with Sophie Uliano

Mercury Danger in Seafood with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano educates us on the health dangers associated with ingesting too much mercury through the consumption of fish. Learn which species of fish to be most cautious of and how you can monitor your level of weekly mercury intake.
Mercury occurs naturally in the environment and can also be released into the air through industrial pollution. Mercury falls from the air and can accumulate in streams and oceans. It can damage our nervous and immune system and heart. It's especially dangerous for pregnant women and infants because of their developing brains. Worst Fish to Consume:
1. Tuna
2. Swordfish 3. Sea Bass Best Fish to Consume:
1. Shrimp
2. Salmon 3. Tilapia A mercury calculator is available at

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