Rick Springfield
Music superstar Rick Springfield graces the "Home & Family" stage today to swoon the ladies with an acoustic performance of "Love Somebody." He also highlights some of the fan encounters chronicled in his documentary, " An Affair of the Heart." Rick explains how he uses writing, dog therapy, meditation, and touring to cope with his lifelong battle with depression. Not only does he write memorable song lyrics, Rick has just penned a novel titled "Magnificent Vibration." A tribute to his remarkable career will be forever immortalized next year when Rick receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Also, find out who "Jessie's Girl" is really about and how he hides his native Australian accent.

Fans can watch "An Affair of the Heart" on Epix and DVD. Go to for more info on the film. His novel, "Magnificent Vibration" is set to be published in May 2014. Rick's autobiography, "Late, Late at Night" is on sale now. And, be sure to check out

Cristina Cooks Risotto
Cristina picks a zucchini fresh off the vine from the "Home & Family" vegetable garden for her creamy risotto recipe. Matt Rogers pitches in to help chop as Cristina explains how to choose the right rice and how fish stock enhances the texture. Then, she adds scallops on top to complete the meal.

Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers tells us about hosting USA's " Summer Camp," which awards a whopping $250,000 prize to the winning camper. The former "American Idol" contestant explains how Nigel Lythgoe scouted him to audition when he was dared to sing opera in a restaurant. Matt also opens up about his five-year-old son's diagnosis with Cystic Fibrosis and how the young boy is now thriving in sports. Confident in science breakthroughs and the healing power of faith, Matt is confident his son will soon be cured.

" Summer Camp" airs Thursdays at 8/7c on USA. For more with Matt, please visit and follow him on Twitter @MattRogersUSA.

Hot Flash Sales
It's Thursday, so you know what that means. Sandie Newton returns with her weekly installment of price slashing deals! A favorite of the celebs to ward of paparazzi, a blingy evil eye necklace is only $39, saving you 61% off retail. And that's not all. Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing a rose gold arrow cuff bracelet for good luck. You're in luck too because it's 63% off at $59. Back by popular demand, Sandie once again has Kenneth Cole clutches for an enormous savings of up to 73%. These sale prices must be sending your heart racing and you can monitor your heart rate with a wristwatch for a mere $14.99. If you'd like to pamper your pooch, Sandie is also offering beautiful Swarovski encrusted collars at a 74% savings.
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Debara Medina founder Debara Medina discusses the benefits of self-publishing books with your personal photos, poems, etc. At modest prices starting at only $20, these books are a great way to affordably capture lasting family memories. She takes us through an easy-to-navigate tutorial of her website and explains the paper quality and binding technique options that are offered. Later, Debara surprises Cristina with a cookbook of her recipes and Mark with a book of his gorgeous photography.

To create a book of your very own, go to
Pearl Nest Jewelry with Tamara Berg
The bead goes on with Tamara Berg! The craft expert is here today to create rings,earrings, and necklaces by twisting wire to form a nest. Buy ready-to-string pearls or gemstones to symbolize the eggs inside. Rock one of these pearl nest jewelry pieces and you'll never have to worry about empty nest syndrome again! All materials are available at craft and bead stores.

The Sandy Ground Project
Bill Lavin, founder of The Sandy Ground Project, has gone above and beyond the call of duty.. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, his firefighter organization of 5,000 strong, Bill built playgrounds in Mississippi to revive the area. A girl from the area sent an email to pay it forward, gesturing to help the storm ravaged region affected by Superstorm Sandy. Bill was inspired to once again build playgrounds, but this time with 26 special angels in mind, the victims of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Upon receiving the blessing of each child's family, the group built playgrounds in memoriam.

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Mark's DIY Office Supply Tips and Tricks
Mark shares some nifty household uses for common office supplies. Paperclips are useful for more than holding a stack of papers together. They can be used a cellphone stand, a purse holder, and a money clip. Mark also cleverly uses the clamp arms to neatly organize electronic cables to prevent them from getting tangled behind your desk. And, perhaps best of all, a staple remover can double as a tool to stretch open a keyring.