Cristina's First Anniversary
Today marks one year since Cristina returned as host of "Home & Family." Happy First Anniversary, Cristina! She takes a moment to graciously thank co-host Mark, executive producer Woody Fraser, the entire crew, and all the family members for welcoming her back home 12 months ago.

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin
It's Mark & Cristina Plus Kate today on "Home & Family!" The mother of multiples tells us the positive impact her former reality show had on her family and how close the kids grew to their crew. To this day, her eight still watch DVDs of the series to reflect on fun times. Kate explains how the family adjusted to fame and weathered a very public divorce. Later, she gets her hands dirty in the kitchen to make meatloaf. It's a struggle to cook every night for such a large family, so Kate also shares a few leftover ideas.

Car Safety for Pets with Laura Nativo

Car Safety for Pets with Laura Nativo
Pet lifestyle expert Laura Nativo brings one of her furry companions to demonstrate how a harness can keep your dog safe in your car. She expresses how dangerous it is for a pet to be unrestrained. Laura even shows video of crash tests to illustrate.
1. Soft Carriers- $180-200
2. Clickit Utility Harness- $90 3. Doggie Driving Carseat- $200-300
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DIY Water Catchment System with Galen Gering
Soap star and author Galen Gering rolls up his sleeves to install a DIY water catchment system on the "Home & Family" house. He explains why this is an economical and environmentally-friendly way to catch water to use later. Galen also fills us in on his character's hospitalization on "Days of Our Lives."
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The Zoom Girls - Ombre Curtains

ZOOM Girls
ZOOM Interiors LLC co-founders Madeline Fraser, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, and Lizzie Grover earn their stripes by making over three rooms in the home of Clemson students. They take us down to South Carolina to show us how they ZOOMed the living room, patio, and a bedroom in just one day. The budget-friendly interior designers also illustrate how to navigate their website. The gals stick around to show us how to turn a plain white curtain into a work of art. Fill out the survey and get started on a new design plan for your favorite room!

Michelle Buffardi
Say cheese! Michelle Buffardi explains how she got inspired to sculpt cheese for special occasions. She molds a turkey, penguin, snowman, and Christmas trees that are almost too cute to eat.
Michelle's book, "Great Balls of Cheese," is available on Please visit Michelle at and ollow her on Twitter @MBuffardi.

The Carey Brothers - Granicrete Flooring

Granicrete Flooring with the Carey Brothers
Live like royalty and get a floor just like Princess Diana's. That's right, James and Morris Carey reveal the crown jewel of bathroom flooring. Granicrete looks like natural stone, but it's actually made out of concrete for a quarter of the cost. Hunter Miley of Total Property Solutions installs this into the "Home & Family" bathroom as the next stage of our complete remodel.
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Cosmetics Drawer Organizing with Sophie Uliano

Cosmetics Drawer Organizing with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano shares simple and creative solutions to tidy up your messy cosmetics drawer. She creates little compartments by cutting cereal boxes. Then, Sophie makes a girly blow dryer and flat iron holder using plumbing pipe.
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