Rocco DiSpirito Cooks the Classics with a Healthy Spin
Rocco DiSpirito explains the philosophy behind his new diet craze. By eating six metabolism-boosting meals per day, the chef promises instant weight loss results of a pound a day. Then, Rocco puts a healthy twist on popular meals to turn your body into a fat burning machine.
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Saving Money on Your Cellphone Bill with Andrea Wo

How to Save Money on Your Cellphone Bill with Andrea Woroch
In a society where you feel compelled to be connected all the time, cellphone bills have gone through the roof with all sorts of charges for your family's multiple mobile devices. Andrea Woroch is here with tips to best tailor your plan for your amount of usage. She explains how to read your bill and the current policies on early termination of your contract. And, Andrea suggests connecting to a Wifi network wherever you are to avoid using your data plan.
1. Employer discounts can save you up to $100 a month.
2. No-contract fees run as low as $30 a month. 3. When upgrading, make sure to go through a trade-in program from the carrier or retailers. 4. Look for free or super-cheap device promotions before upgrading. 5. Always compare rates online before signing a contract with a wireless carrier. and

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Hollywood Steals
Sandie Newton is starting the new year off strong with Hollywood Steals of up to 80% off. For only $48, this three-piece luxury fragrance set is a real steal. Pucker up using this great lipgloss with a built in mirror and light at 70% savings. At a 60% price reduction, get your beauty rest with a travel pillow that won't leave wrinkles on your face. Avoid wardrobe malfunctions with double-stick designer tape at 62% off. And, pump up the volume using this wireless speaker for 70% off.
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John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley & Dr. Lawrence Piro Discuss Raising Children with Special Needs
John C. McGinley, actor and spokesperson for Global Down Syndrome Foundation, and Dr. Lawrence Piro, MD open up the dialogue about integrated parenting. John candidly discusses the challenges and small victories of raising his 16-year-old Max with down syndrome alongside his two "typical" daughters. Through his practice of inclusion, John proudly expresses the special bond the siblings have formed.
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Make Designer Accessories for Less
Fingerless gloves are all the rage in top designer collections. Inspired by Alexander McQueen, Erica Domesek, founder of "P.S. - I made this…," and Debbie Matenopoulos make these fashion-forward gloves for a fraction of the cost. Just snip the fingertips off and embellish the top with bling, such as a brooch. Next, Erica crafts DIY faux fur earmuffs to keep our ears warm and toasty this winter. for other great accessories. You can follow TV host and personality Debbie Matenopoulos on Twitter @iamdebbiem.

Dog Training Tips with Laura Nativo

Laura Nativo
In recognition of National Train Your Dog Month, Laura Nativo educates pet owners on how positive reinforcement is an effective method of obedience training. Good training techniques help to prevent families from surrendering dogs due to behavioral problems. By rewarding good behavior with a clicker and a treat, your pooch can learn to listen to commands such as sit, down, paw, and more. Over time, the clicker and treats can be phased out.
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Ken Wingard's DIY Book Safe

Ken Wingard's DIY Book Safe
During a recent visit to the "Home & Family" house, Ken rearranged our coffee table to create balance. To conceal our remotes, he hid them inside a book safe. Viewer Ann Howard wrote in to request he show us all how he carved out the pages of a book to create a storage box. Ken explains why dictionaries work great, but maintains how to find a proper sized book relevent to what you'll be placing inside it. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

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