Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer visits "Home & Family" today for a very civilized chat about the longevity of his show. Rest assured, there's no chair throwing involved! He explains how the show has remained relevant and appealing to young audiences for 23 years. Jerry reveals his contractual obligation to solely air crazy stories. Before refereeing domestic disputes, Jerry served as Mayor of Cincinnati at the tender age of 32. Plus, he discusses his venture as a recording artist and even serenades one of our producers with "Love Me Tender." Then, Jerry sticks around to play "Do You Know Your Country Music?" with Matt Rogers and the rest of the family.
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Lamb Burgers Open-Faced on Olive Bread

Cristina Cooks Lamb Burgers Open-Faced on Olive Bread
Cristina puts Jerry Springer to work in the kitchen as her sous-chef. She teaches him how to get those ideal charred grill lines on her lamb burgers. Then, Cristina explains why tzatziki spread pairs so well with lamb and why she adds egg yolk, mayo, and her secret ingredient of lemon juice into the mix.
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Mosaic Tile Mirrors with Tanya Memme

Mosaic Tile Mirrors with Tanya Memme
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the craftiest of them all? Tanya Memme, of course! She's here to revolutionize the way we apply mosaic tiles to frame a mirror. Gone are the days of time consuming grouting. Instead, simply peel and stick the beautiful tiles along the border.
Check out Smart Tiles Self-Adhesive Tiles. Cut, peel, and stick without cement, grout, or specialized tools! Find out where to buy them and check out some inspired ideas on how to use them!

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Dr. Brian Russell
Licensed therapist Dr. Brian Russell, PhD dives right into the debate of over-diagnosing children with ADD and ADHD. He compares the two disorders and explains what criteria must be met for an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Russell discusses the prevalence in our current society and what parents should do in the best interests of their kids. He suggests alternatives to medication and touches on how ADD and ADHD prescriptions are being misused and abused.
Watch Dr. Russell co-host "Fatal Vows" on Investigation Discovery Saturdays at 9/8c.

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Chef Reed Alexander Cooks Asian Shrimp-Udon Soup

Chef Reed Alexander Cooks Asian Shrimp-Udon Soup
Chef Reed Alexander, actor and author of "KewlBites," strives to devise healthy recipes that appeal to kids. He opens up about his own person struggle with weight growing up and why this mission is so important to him. President Clinton has even gotten involved in this joint venture towards a healthier generation! Today, Reed sizzles shrimp to make an Asian shrimp-udon soup.

Valentine's Day Nails with Katie Cazorla
Whether or not you have a ring on that finger to show off, put your best fingers forward this Valentine's Day. Celebrity nail expert Katie Cazorla teaches us how to paint a glossy red heart on Daisy Navarrette's nail using a nail dotter. Get this, dried spaghetti does the trick too! Or, if you want your hand to do all the talking, Katie also decorates with nail decals. Now, you're all set to get snapped by the mani-cam.

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Hollywood Steals
In the spirit of throwback Thursday, Sandie Newton is throwing back the prices yet again for this week's installment of Hollywood Steals! If you're snowed in, heat up a hot beverage or soup in an electric kettle for 60% off. Also at 60% off is a rosebud wristlette and a magnifying mirror. Voted best caramels in North America, take a bite out of gluten-free and kosher caramel truffles. Sandie has melted the price down by 70%.
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Home Design Trends of 2014 with Ken Wingard
Fresh off his flight from New York, Ken Wingard returns to share what he learned at the NY NOW Show, which is the nation's largest home and gift show. With his eye on design, Ken Wingard narrows down the list of biggest trends to three - glamour in the woods, blue period, and top brass. He shows us how to incorporate the chicest styles of the year into our homes. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

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