Colin Egglesfield
Actor Colin Egglesfield visits today to tell us about his passion project, Shout Out! Clothing. As a SAG member, Colin also enjoys reading to elementary school children as part of the organization's BookPALS program. Furthermore, he has partnered with Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Literally Healing Program to encourage patients to read. The program's director, Claire Austin, joins us to share additional details. Plus, Colin also talks about competing in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon to raise money for the cause.
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Fabio Viviani Cooks Cacio e Pepe and Bruschetta

Fabio Viviani Cooks Cacio e Pepe & Bruschetta
Fabio Viviani sets the bar very high with his recipe for Cacio e Pepe and bruschetta. He teaches us to measure just the right amount of salt and the ideal way to melt butter. Colin Egglesfield even asks to hop behind the counter to learn how to impress his upcoming date with a gourmet homecooked dinner! And, Fabio discusses the best wine selection to accompany this meal. For more information on the chef and to subscribe to his newsletter, "Fabio's Kitchen Academy," go to

Ping-Pong Challenge with Adam Bobrow

Pro table tennis entertainer Adam Bobrow discusses the resurgence of ping pong's popularity. He even shares photos of the celebrities he's played with. Then, Mark, Cristina, and Fabio step up to the table to learn the four basic moves and challenge Adam to a match. For more information on Adam Bobrow, check out his website and go to our Facebook page.

Wallpaper Removal with Ken Wingard

Wallpaper Removal with Ken Wingard
Ken Wingard walks us through the process of removing wallpaper without doing permanent damage. Some wallpaper is easily removable by hand. If that's not the case, Ken demonstrates two other methods. First, he uses a stripping spray to melt wallpaper paste and advises DIYers to protect themselves from harmful chemicals. Secondly, he uses a steamer to heat things up. Tomorrow, Ken will return to hang new wallpaper in its place. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Tara Summers

Actress Tara Summers admits it's hard to keep a straight face while starring opposite Gren Kinnear on "Rake." She tells us all about her mishap en route to auditioning for the role. Tara also puts her personal life on full display in the one-woman show she wrote, "Gypsy of Chelsea," which is about her mother recovering from addiction. "Rake" airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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Hollywood Steals

With the Polar Vortex blanketing much of the country in snow, Sandie Newton is featuring products to help you weather the storm in the event of a power outage. In this week's Hollywood Steals, stock up on lights and USB chargers at 50-60% off to stay safe when the lights go out. To take advantage of these Hollywood Steals and more, call 1-855-655-STEAL (1-855-655-7832) or visit

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DIY Baby Changing Station with Alan Luxmore

DIY Baby Changing Station with Alan Luxmore
TV personality, general contractor, and father Alan Luxmore gushes about his newborn son Archer. On his new show, "Projects Are Calling," Alan visits other dads to help them complete projects on their honeydo lists. Today, the hands-on daddy demonstrates how to construct a baby changing station for when he's on diaper duty.
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Bariatric Couple and Dietician Update

Bariatric Couple & Dietician Update
After undergoing bariatric surgery, Mario and Kelly Persico return to "Home & Family" to update us on their weight loss journey. Since the procedure, the couple is proud to announce their drastic drop in weight, shrink in waistline, and improvements in overall health. They discuss how they've completely revolutionized their lifestyle with better eating habits and daily exercise. Lin Lin Shao, RD, clinical dietician at Cedars-Sinai Weight Loss Center, chimes in with additional details about her mentorship approach. She also compares the couple's before-and-after portion sizes. for more information.

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