Willie Garson
Actor Willie Garson talks about collaborating with co-star Tim DeKay and the rest of the cast on "White Collar." Plus, he dishes about sitting in the director's chair for some episodes. Willie is also known for his role on "Sex and the City" and explains how the show helped bring relief to the streets of NYC after 9/11. The proud dad shares his story of earning the trust of his adopted son. He now advocates for the Alliance for Childrens' Rights to find forever families for children.

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Hidden Heart Cake

Cristina Cooks "Hidden Heart" Cake
Cupid strikes again! Surprise your loved ones when they cut into this cake on Valentine's Day. Cristina shows us the secret trick to baking a heart shape in the center of a bundt cake as a hidden treasure.
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Rachel DeAlto
Relationship and flirt expert Rachel DeAlto teaches us the philosophy behind flirting and how to properly execute the art of catching someone's attention. The "Flirt Fearlessly" author reveals that flirting doesn't always have to have a romantic connotation and how one can accurately read body language. Plus, Rachel quizzes the family on relationship do's and don'ts.
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Dayo Okeniyi

Dayo Okeniyi
Actor Dayo Okeniyi compares his native Nigeria to life in the Unites States. He was raised to respect his elders and pursue education. After graduating from college, the "Endless Love" star followed his childhood dream to Hollywood. Dayo sticks around to play "Home & Family Feud," hosted by Matt Rogers.
"Endless Love" opens in theaters on February 14 for Valentine's Day.

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Flower Arranging with Stephanie Schur
From Botany Flowers, florist to the stars Stephanie Schur leads a lesson in making a gorgeous flower arrangement for your Valentine. Firstly, think of where your loved one will display it to help you decide the height and shape. Stephanie also tells us what colors complement one another in a vase.
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Harlem Globetrotters

Harlem Globetrotters
Harlem Globetrotters players Scooter Christensen and Wun Versher show off their fancy bouncing and spinning skills. From dribbling a ball through their legs to balancing on it their heads, seemingly no trick is too challenging for these basketball superstars. The Globetrotters tell us all about how players get scouted and what famous names used to be on the team's roster. Off the court, the athletes are philanthropic Goodwill Ambassadors and find joy in bringing smiles to the faces of hospitalized children.
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Hollywood Steals
Sandie Newton brings along a special guest today for Hollywood Steals. To debut new pieces from her Simply Eartha jewelry line, Kitt Shapiro joins us to explain how mom Eartha Kitt inspired the collection. Don't miss out on this 60% off offer. Record precious moments on a new digital flip camera for under $25. Treat yourself to a spa day at home with a three piece luxury fragrance set at a 70% discount. And, let out a roar for 72% off animal print Swarovski crystal jewelry.

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Pet Expert Melissa Bacelar
Thinking of welcoming a new pet into your family? Before you pick up a leash, pet expert Melissa Bacelar advises potential pet parents to consider all variables. She guides you through the process of finding your perfect match and how to tailor an individual training method suitable to your dog.
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Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Pancakes

Pink Valentine's Day Pancakes with Sophie Uliano
Start your Valentine's Day off right with breakfast in bed! Sophie Uliano makes light and fluffy heart-shaped pancakes for the occasion. Plus, she reveals her magical ingredient is beets to give the pancakes a pink hue. Sophie also explains the health benefits of using coconut oil in the recipe.
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