Leftover Wars
Cristina and chef Fabio Viviani divide into two teams to compete in a head-to-head cooking challenge using holiday leftovers. Mark lays the ground rules and reveals which secret ingredient each team must incorporate into their recipes. Kym Douglas heads into the test kitchen to assist Fabio, while Lawrence acts as Cristina's sous chef in the house. After 10 minutes elapse, Mark names Fabio's eggs benedict the winning dish over Cristina's turkey croquettes.
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How to Save Money at the Grocery Store with Andrea Woroch
Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch educates us on how to save big bucks by purchasing generics over name brands. Some name brand grocery items, such as cereal, are marked up by over 43%. The pharmaceutical industry can send you into sticker shock, marking up brand names by more than 70%. Because of FDA regulation, both the expensive and less expensive knock-off are identical in quality. But, Andrea does caution consumers about which brand name products are worth the splurge.

Lawrence Zarian's NYE Fashion Show

Lawrence Zarian's New Years Eve Fashion Show
Style expert and author Lawrence Zarian explains how women can take what they already own in their wardrobe and elevate it for New Year's Eve. Using pieces from the House of Irene, a one-time favorite label of Doris Day and Katharine Hepburn, Lawrence showcases how adding a statement necklace or an embellished jacket can take a solid black outfit to a whole new level. And, don't only worry about making a grand enterance into a party. Be on the lookout for the perfect exit dress that will leave a lasting impression on your way out. Plus, Lawrence talks about the latest trend of mixing feminine and masculine looks together.
Pre-order Lawrence Zarian's book, "Ten Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe" on It will be released on February 25, 2014. There is even a passage in it written by our very own Cristina!

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Andrea Schroder's DIY Essential Oil and Candles

Andrea Schroder's DIY Essential Oil and Candles
Andrea Schroder is back with another lesson in candle making, this time teaching us the art of homemade infused oils. To keep the beautiful aroma of your Christmas tree lingering a bit longer in your home, Andrea infuses pine needles to make candle and massage oils. She demonstrates how to heat candle wax, set the wick in the jar, and more. Plus, Andrea also explains the benfits of coconut oil. with the promo code HALLMARK. She is offering free shipping for the rest of December. All of her candles are food-grade quality and are also available at Hallmark Stores nationwide.

Fixing NYE Beauty Blunders with Kym Douglas

How to Fix New Year's Eve Beauty Blunders with Kym Douglas
Kym Douglas is here with tricks to keep your makeup and hair intact while party hopping this holiday season. And, she even has a nifty trick to erase makeup stains from white clothing garments.
1. Shaving cream will instantly clean makeup off a white shirt.
2. Keep your makeup in a place for up to 16 hours with Skindinavia's "No More Shine" makeup spray, available at
3. Avoid "raccoon eyes" with "Stay Don't Stray" concealer and eyeshadow primer, available at
4. Control static flyaways by rubbing fabric softener sheets through your hair.
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Dr. Eris Huemer
Licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Eris Huemer is telling us her philosophy of navigating couples to marital bliss. The "LA Shrinks" star and new mom to a three-week-old baby boy suggests renewing relationship goals annually or bi-annually so each party is always on the same page about important issues.
Steps to "Mapquesting" Your Relationship:
1. Identify your roles, responsibilities, wants, and goals.
2. Set a goal. 3. Create a plan of action. 4. Write your plan out. 5. Be realistic. 6. Follow through with your goal. 7. Determine how much time you spend alone and with each other. 8. Find hobbies you enjoy together and individually. 9. Share household responsibilities. 10. Divide parental responsibilities. and follow her on Twitter @doctoreris. Watch " LA Shrinks" on Bravo.

Sophie & Lola Uliano's DIY Magnetic Cosmetic Organizer
Sophie Uliano and her tweenage daughter Lola share a space-saving magnetic cosmetic organizer. To avoid a messy bathroom drawer, the ladies frame a fabric covered magnetic sheet and hot glue small magnets onto eye shadow, lip stick, etc. Then, all the makeup can be displayed on the board, making it easy to find when applying and acting as a decorative conversation piece.
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Twitter: @sophieuliano

Lola Uliano

Lola Uliano Performs
Sophie Uliano's talented 12-year-old daughter Lola makes her national television debut today, right here on "Home & Family." As her proud parents and grandparents beam from the audience, Lola belts out Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful."
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