(Original air date: Thursday, March 21st, 2013)

"The Biggest Loser's" Devin Alexander
Mark and Cristina welcome " Biggest Loser" chef and author of "The Most Decadent Diet Ever," Devin Alexander! Today, Devin shares weight loss tips from her book that helped her drop 70 pounds while still eating most of her favorite foods. Devin also answers weight loss questions from "Home & Family" Facebook fans and then steps into the kitchen to share her healthy and tasty open-­ended buffalo chicken wrap recipe! .

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Combination Flower Baskets with Shirley Bovshow
Spring has officially sprung and our favorite garden designer, Shirley Bovshow, has tips to help you get into the season. Today, Shirley demonstrates how to create those beautiful store bought flower baskets for a fraction of the cost. Plus, Shirley has some great tips on picking a wonderful selection of plants that will last through spring and summer! and on Twitter @EdenMaker.

Mark's Change Your Life Series
Katie and Kristy Aiani are back today for another chapter of "Mark's Change Your Life Series." Today, Dr. Melina Jampolis joins the conversation to discuss the causes of some common weight loss plateaus. Dr. Jampolis explains why many dieters seem to stop losing, and in some cases start gaining weight, while still aggressively dieting. Plus, Dr. Jampolis offers some excellent advice on the optimum time to weigh yourself. And later, Cristina teaches Katie and Kristy how to make her healthy and easy 4-­in­-1 tomato sauce served with spaghetti squash as a healthy pasta alternative!

Hot Flash Sale
It's time to break out your wallets because Sandie Newton is back with this week's Hot Flash Sale items! First up, Sandie has a special collar for your four legged family members. Sandie also has diamond earrings today at prices you'll have to see to believe. And for the gadget guru in your house, Sandie has cell phone and tablet docks and rock bottomprices. Plus, this week's pet charity, Wags and Walks, provides a special model to help Sandie present this week's items!

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Sophie Uliano's Top Trends in Health and Beauty
Today, the " Gorgeously Green" Sophie Uliano is sharing her top trends in natural beauty products. Sophie's got a collection of new beauty products fresh from the Natural Products Expo West. These breakthrough products range from anti-aging creams made from bee venom to a new line of affordable, organic, and chemical free beauty products.

Sophie Uliano's Natural Products Expo's Top Beauty and Health Trends of 2013:
#1 Bee Venom
A) The premier company is Manuka Doctor. They offer an anti-aging bee venom range, which is also infused with Manuka Honey.
#2 BB Cremes
A) Derma E (Brand)
B) Suntegrity (Brand) #3 Affordable Organics
A) EO (Brand)
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Cristina Crafts
With Easter just around the corner, Cristina shares a wonderful holiday themed craft project. Using some simple supplies from your local craft store, Cristina demonstrates how to create a variety of unique Easter baskets. And, not just for kids, Cristina shows how you can create a beautiful grown-up Easter basket.

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"The Secret to Happy Families" with New York Times Columnist Bruce Feiler
New York Times Columnist Bruce Feiler shares tips from his new book, "The Secret to Happy Families." Today, Bruce discusses how changing roles for parents and the influx of technology has made drastic changes in modern parenting strategies. Bruce offers simple steps parents can take to create a harmonious home environment including letting kids pick their punishments. Plus, Bruce gives Mark & Cristina a chance to take his "happy family quiz."

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